Qlik Enhances Decision-Making With High-Speed Insights

Mayborn Group leverages Qlik to access reliable data from global sources quickly and effectively.


Users across the business

Qlik Cloud® Analytics is delivering insights to users across the business globally.


Reporting times cut from weeks to seconds

Mayborn can see the results of its promotional activities faster than ever before, helping to maximize the return on investment.


Tracking critical indicators

For Mayborn Group, the company behind the Tommee Tippee brand of baby care products, brand loyalty and market presence are important priorities.

Every percentage point of market share gained is precious and hard-won. It reflects the effectiveness of Mayborn’s sales, marketing and promotional activity.

Tracking critical indicators in these areas and reaching a single source of truth is an essential component of Mayborn’s operation, and it’s an area where high-quality data is key. Acquiring this data quickly and accurately from such a broad range of sources and locations is, however, a major task.


The go-to platform

Using Qlik Data Integration, Mayborn can access data in a range of formats from multiple locations to feed into its data warehouse. Sources include electronic point of sale (EPOS) data from retailers, market share data and Mayborn’s e-commerce platform.

Qlik Data Integration’s ease of implementation enables quick results, with Qlik Cloud® Analytics then generating dashboards that tap into every part of Mayborn’s operation to deliver key insights and high-value metrics.


A global resource

With Qlik, Mayborn can now access reliable data in consistently useable formats to create high value analytics.

The Qlik-based Promotional Evaluation app plays a key role in assessing the financial impact of promotions, quickly identifying which activities are most successful so Mayborn can maximize returns on investment. A process that once took weeks is now completed in a couple of clicks.

Global dashboards also interact with every part of the business, with regional dashboards designed specifically for users in the Americas, Australia and China.


Take action with your data

Mayborn’s experience with Qlik has been phenomenal and shows how Qlik Cloud Analytics’ advanced functionality can trigger a change in behavior within an organization.

Organizations can gain significant benefits from generating alerts and enabling subscriptions to key data points. Qlik prompts calls to action to ensure that users interact and engage with the platform and the insights provided, enabling teams to take positive action.

Functions from commercial finance and demand planning to marketing and ecommerce are pulling data together with Qlik.

Dave Elliott
Data and Analytics Manager, Mayborn Group

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