Unlock New Possibilities With Automated Data Transformation

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Now you can use powerful automation to conform data to a variety of AI or analytics use cases or architectures. Reuse transformation components to filter, change, and morph, regardless of role, skill, or data ingestion process.

Basic transformations

Simple point-and-click interface makes transforming metadata and data values easy for both data engineers and non-SQL experts.

  • Narrow data sets easily

  • Ensure compliance with standardized metadata

  • Fill in missing values, mask sensitive information, or change case

  • Validate and synchronize effortlessly by setting global rules

  • Generate logical keys to uncover relationships

Diagrams of simple standardization data transformations

Advanced transformations

Automate data warehouse creation, customize data marts, and speed data onboarding.

  • Automate incremental data processing

  • Model and automate data warehouse creation

  • Support multiple data relationships with semantic layering

  • Optimize join operations with automated denormalization

  • Customize and automate data marts with star schemas

Diagrams of advanced data transformations using customized tables

Transformation flows

Create visual transformation flows with a simple drag-and-drop interface. It’s easy for both data engineers and non-SQL experts. You can:

  • Cleanse and shape your datasets with a palette of data transformation processors

  • Generate SQL statements, orchestrate flow, and push code to target platform for runtime execution

  • Support Snowflake, Databricks, Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Microsoft Fabric

Dashboard showing data transformation flows

AI assistants and processors

Improve your development productivity by using the latest AI innovations.

  • Use the AI assistant to generate SQL from natural language prompts

  • Deliver data to vector stores for RAG apps that could work with Snowflake Cortex, Databricks, Pinecone, Elasticsearch, Neo4J, and ChromaDB

  • Create embeddings with LLM support from Azure Open AI, Open AI, Snowflake Cortex, and Databricks DBRX

  • Use the Databricks AI function processor to invoke a Foundation Model for sentiment analysis, classification, and translation

Illustration of an on-screen AI assistant providing answers

Custom transformations

Experienced SQL practitioners can add custom SQL for complex data transformations as part of the transformation pipeline.

Third-party data transformations

Transform and enrich any data in your cloud data platform. Handle diverse data sources with agility and flexibility by mixing and matching data for various use cases, with accommodation for many data ingestion tools and processes.

Learn about transforming data with expanded data onboarding options

Diagram of transformations from third-party applications and sources

Use cases

A globe

Transform with flexibility using global rules

Keys on a loop

Unlock the power of data with logical keys

Amazingly Flexible Icon

Validate and synchronize for error-free data

A hand with palm up catching a cube

Maximize efficiency with materialized data and views

Circles connected by lines

Boost data connections with relationship recommendations

Power star schemas with dimensional mastery

Ease complexity of incremental data processing icon

Ease complexity of incremental data processing

A stopwatch

Get ahead of late arriving dimensions

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