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Today, data literacy is as important as reading and writing, but we're facing a major skills gap. That's why we’re on a mission to help people and organizations understand, analyze and use data with confidence. Let’s make this happen, together.

Data Literacy Training and Consulting Services

The Data Literacy Program is designed to empower your entire workforce to use data effectively, regardless of role or skill. This industry-leading program offers comprehensive learning resources and consulting services to build data literacy skills across your organization.

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The Data Literacy Framework – Drive enterprise adoption

Leverage our six step data literacy adoption framework to guide the development of your organization’s data literacy initiative. As teams move through the process, data literacy will deepen across the organization, and you'll enjoy a workforce that’s energized, empowered and loyal.

The Data Literacy Framework – Drive enterprise adoption
I was given the opportunity to attend the Foundation of Data Analytics training. For me, the biggest takeaway was the exposure, and training my mind to read, work with, analyze and argue with data. Qlik, you’re on to something.

Fiona Golden

Commercial Reporting Training Manager, CSL Behring
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