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Making AI Real for Customers with Robust Data Foundations and Powerful AI-Driven Insight

The rise of AI brings unprecedented opportunities, deeply rooted in the transformative power of data. As organizations strive for smarter, faster outcomes—whether accelerating product launches, streamlining supply chains, improving customer experiences, or enhancing workforce productivity—they must address five key needs for enterprise AI adoption:

Move/ Transform - To effectively adopt AI, companies need to bring together and transform data of all types from all sources.

Trust - Enhanced trust and explainability are crucial for reliable AI applications.

Access - Enabling access for internal consumers ensures that data and insights are readily available.

Analyze/ Predict/ Answer - Leverage analytics, machine learning, and GenAI to gain insights from unstructured data.

Act - Empower your organization to act with confidence based on trustworthy AI-driven insights.

At Qlik, we recognize these needs and are proud to announce new portfolio enhancements to build robust data foundations and deliver powerful AI-driven knowledge and insights, addressing these issues head-on.

Introducing Qlik Talend Cloud and Qlik Answers

We are excited to unveil the latest additions to our data and analytics suite: Qlik Talend Cloud and Qlik Answers. Both will be available in July 2024.

Qlik Talend Cloud

Qlik Talend Cloud combines advanced data integration and AI-augmented automation to ensure data quality and accelerate AI adoption. It offers both no-code and pro-code options, enabling seamless setup and deployment. Think of it as your toolbox that streamlines data handling for your business, providing all the tools you need in one place. This empowers your team to tackle AI projects with ease.

With its 'Modern Data Engineering' capabilities, Qlik Talend Cloud offers a dual approach: no-code for productivity and pro-code for advanced use cases, ensuring rapid setup and deployment of data pipelines. Moreover, the introduction of our patented Qlik Talend Trust Score™ for AI provides a groundbreaking way to measure and ensure data validity and quality, crucial for establishing trust in AI-driven insights and decisions. We are proud to be the first company to enable customers to assess the trustworthiness of data used in AI models.

This comprehensive approach not only simplifies AI adoption but also enhances businesses' ability to leverage AI effectively, ensuring that data is not only accessible and manageable but also primed for generating meaningful business outcomes..

Qlik Answers

Step into the future of knowledge with Qlik Answers—a solution that revolutionizes how businesses harness unstructured data. Imagine having an incredibly smart assistant at your fingertips, capable of effortlessly navigating through mountains of scattered documents, emails, and online materials to instantly answer questions.

Qlik Answers does just that. Powered by state-of-the-art Generative AI and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) technology, it provides contextually relevant, personalized answers derived from carefully curated knowledge bases. Unlike search, you get actual answers to their questions, not just lists of raw content, driving better business decisions and outcomes. It’s explainable and transparent so you always know where things came from. And you don’t have to build it yourself – Qlik takes complexity and risk off the table through a simple, plug-and-play solution that simplifies deployment and ensures ease of use and quality.

It’s time to say goodbye to information overload and hello to actionable answers that you can trust.

Make AI Real with Qlik

At Qlik, we believe wherever there's data, there's opportunity. With Qlik Talend Cloud and Qlik Answers, we're not just providing tools—we're making AI real for our customers.

Empower your business to revolutionize data handling and drive outcomes with speed and confidence. Embrace the power of AI, trust in your insights, and embark on a journey to unprecedented success..

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