Real-time Data and Analytics Radically Improve Efficiency, Customer Service — and Sales

Emphasis on innovation helps Domino’s achieve more than 50 percent of all global retail sales from digital channels.

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Data sources

Structured and unstructured data sources were integrated to get a single view of its customers and global operations.


Of standardized
managed data

Business intelligence and advanced analytics required a streamlined and standardized architecture.


Centralized data tracker

Data is collected from the company’s point of sales systems, 26 supply chain centers, and its channels.


World’s largest pizza company was drowning in data.

There are more than 15,000 stores in 85-plus markets, with customer data pouring in from every conceivable platform. The company wanted to integrate all that data — 85,000 structured and unstructured data sources — to get a single view of its customers and global operations. Unfortunately, their IT architecture prevented it. 

“We didn’t have a standard way to ingest data,” says Dan Djuric, Vice President, Global Infrastructure and Enterprise Information Management.“We also had more than 11,000 business users, 35 data scientists, and multiple marketing agencies — and all of them wanted to build their own database.”

Challenge Domino’s Pizza Faced


A unified platform that manages data and provides real-time insight and analytics.

Domino’s selected Talend® Data Fabric. They also built a comprehensive data tracker which feeds Domino’s Enterprise Management Framework and real-time data streaming. It’s combined with third party visualization and analytics solutions.

With a modern data platform in place, Domino’s now has a trusted, single source of truth that helps improve business performance — from logistics to financial forecasting — while enabling one-to-one buying experiences across multiple touchpoints.

“We think of it as giving store managers a smart watch for their in-store operations,” said Kripakar Krishnamurthy, Director, Enterprise Data Engineering, Platforms and Architecture at Domino’s. “We want them to have reliable information about what’s happening right now so they can maximize efficiency, deliver a superior customer experience, and boost their sales.”

Approach with Talend Data Fabric


E-commerce with pepperoni.

“We’ve become an e-commerce company that sells pizza. Talend has helped us make that digital transformation,” exclaimed Djuric.  

 With real-time data and analytics, store managers can quickly see daily orders, prep time, delivery vs. pick-up, and more. They can project demand and forecast staffing requirements.

“We were already producing a lot of real-time information, and now put it to better use,” Krishnamurthy noted. “We wanted our store managers to see what’s ahead and make the right moves.”



Data is only worth what you can do with it.

Vast data and multiple sources can be an untapped resource. But it can also tap other resources as you attempt to analyze or contextualize it. But a unified, agile, scalable data platform can capture, cleanse, standardize, enrich, store, and distribute data. It becomes an asset. 

Djuric observes, “We’re an aggressively aspirational company, and store growth is very important. We needed to make sure we were on a platform that could scale, and Talend fulfills that requirement.”

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