Qlik AutoML
Plans and Pricing

Build and deploy predictive AI apps with a no-code experience.


Operationalize predictive AI for advanced use cases with premium capabilities.

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You can:

  • Create and train predictive AI models with unlimited experimentation

  • Score and rank multiple ML models for optimal performance

  • Determine feature importance to communicate key business drivers

  • Easily refine models to use for predictions and scenario analysis

  • Deploy models with explainability

  • Quickly build powerful predictive AI-driven apps directly in Qlik Cloud® Analytics

  • Count on enterprise-grade access control and security

  • Run what-if analysis and external integration with real-time APIs

  • Conduct hyperparameter optimization


Get flexibility and scale to operationalize predictive AI with enterprise capabilities.

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You get everything in Premium, plus:

  • Additional dedicated AI compute power

  • Enhanced dataset size processing

  • Expanded model deployments for additional AI-driven apps and solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is unlimited experimentation?

Qlik AutoML provides no limits for the amount of models you can train, only the number of models that you choose to deploy. This allows you to experiment with new hypotheses and data sets unencumbered and with no penalty.

Will my data be secure?

Yes. Qlik incorporates leading security technologies and modern open standards to provide you with confidence that your data and analyses are secure. Additionally, Qlik Cloud and its operating infrastructure provide security using a number of methods. Please visit qlik.com/trust for more information and to see our industry certifications.

Do these plans differ from the Qlik AutoML capabilities included in Qlik Cloud Analytics?

Yes, the Qlik AutoML features included with Qlik Cloud Analytics are intended to give you a flavor of what’s possible. As such, capacity is limited, and only basic features are included. These AutoML plans offer more capabilities and advanced features to help you build, deploy, and operationalize custom AI solutions across your organization.

Can I access on-premises data sources in the cloud?

Yes, you can access on-premises data sources using Qlik DataTransfer® , a capability included in Qlik Cloud that enables applications to securely access behind-the-firewall data over a strictly outbound, encrypted, and mutually authenticated connection.

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