Combine Internal and External Data to Ensure Better Patient Outcomes

Deliver analytics that give all stakeholders the right information and context to make smarter decisions at every step.

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The power of data driven insights – for everyone

No more multiple dashboards. No more hopping between CRM, ERP, and other systems. The Qlik® governed platform ties it all together and puts the power of data directly into your workflow. Every employee in every functional area can customize their experience and easily engage with providers, patients, investigators, health care organizations, and practitioners.

Empower all parts of your organization - Life Science Analytics - Qlik

Empower all parts of your organization

Make adoption easy - Life Science Analytics - Qlik

Make adoption easy

Provide visibility into sales - Life Science Analytics - Qlik

Provide visibility into sales

Connected systems. Connected people. Connected operations

With critical data being generated across the supply chain by disparate applications (ERP, CRM, etc.), equipment, and sensors, connecting your operations is key to business performance gains. Qlik can connect directly to all these systems — no data warehouse required — providing fully governable analytics to guide operational activities. You can surface real-time production issues and create visibility for all stakeholders throughout the manufacturing and distribution process to maximize efficiencies and ensure quality and compliance.

Monitor equipment efficiency - Life Science Analytics - Qlik

Monitor equipment efficiency.

Improve customer focus to boost sales - Life Science Analytics - Qlik

Improve customer focus to boost sales

See your business from the outside in with meaningful, real world data analytics.

With everyone looking for their next opportunity, the ability to harness real world data becomes increasingly important. Your life sciences company is no different. Qlik can help you dig into data from social media, CRO, and EHR to proactively inform your decisions about what to make next, how to improve existing products, and how to improve patient outcomes. Search and explore massive data sets so you can hear what the market is actually saying and incorporate that data into R&D, clinical, GMA, and commercial processes.

Take down big diseases with the power of data-driven partnerships

As you rely on partnerships to better take on complex health challenges, you must enhance your ability to effectively collaborate with data. Easily share governed libraries of information with all stakeholders to drive innovation, manage your supply chain or distribution. Everything stays secure with in-memory repositories separate from enterprise data sources. And powerful collaboration and data storytelling mean insights can be more quickly shared and operationalized. The result? A faster path to solving big problems.

More than 900 life sciences companies use Qlik to improve management and operational processes.

AbbVie chose Qlik because it lets them associate data from multiple sources so they can see the whole story within their data.

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Project Information Manager, AbbVie
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