Deliver AI and Analytic Ready Data to Databricks in Real-Time

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Qlik is a recognized top tier Select Databricks Partner

The pace of innovation is accelerating. To keep up its critical to provide data engineers with the tools needed to leverage AI and Analytics capabilities. With Qlik and Databricks Data Intelligence platform data engineers can rapidly build automated data pipelines for real-time data ingestion to the creation and streaming of trusted AI and analytics ready data.

Deliver end-to-end data pipelines for AI model consumption

Qlik Cloud Data Integration automates your entire AI data pipeline, from real-time ingestion to the creation and provisioning of AI-ready data directly into Databricks Lakehouse, automating your entire data lake pipeline – from real-time ingestion to processing and refinement – without requiring you to write code.

Diagram illustrating the integration of Data Ingestion, Transformation, Profiling, Machine Learning, and Cataloging with Azure, AWS, and Google platforms using Databricks workflows.

Do more with Qlik and Databricks

We’re seeing more real-time data in J.B. Hunt 360, which gives shippers and carriers up-to-the-minute information on how they are performing.

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Ingest and transform SAP data in real-time

Qlik Cloud Data Integration enable you to ingest and transform massive volumes of SAP data directly into the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. Now you can power your AI, machine learning, data science and data analytics initiatives with always up-to-date SAP data.

  • Flexibility in extracting and integrating SAP and third-party data: Easily extract SAP IT data and integrate it with non-SAP data

  • Build more accurate and robust analytics: Build more accurate predictions using all your data with a platform designed from the ground up for advanced analytics.

  • Improved outcomes and lower total cost of ownership: Retain historical data for reporting and analysis for a longer period of time in the Lakehouse than is economically feasible in SAP while lowering your SAP data licensing, support and compute costs.

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Qlik data integration for Databricks

Qlik’s Data Integration Platform automates the creation of data streams from enterprise transaction systems like mainframes, relational databases and SAP. It efficiently moves data to the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform — and makes data immediately available via a catalog experience. With Qlik, users get the frictionless data agility they need to drive greater business value.

Customers are constantly looking to expand the volume and type of data they can easily move from various sources, especially on the leading cloud platforms, to their data lakehouse. We’re excited about Qlik’s ability to seamlessly and efficiently deliver the data that customers need to drive more value from their investment in Databricks Lakehouse.

Roger Murff
VP of ISV Partners, Databricks

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