Bring All Your Data Together and Optimize Your Funnel Based on Revenue

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Make smarter, data-driven decisions on your go-to-market strategy.

See how using Qlik® data analytics can help you connect your marketing efforts to revenue.

Gain deeper insight - Marketing Data Analytics - Qlik

Gain deeper insight.

Prioritize markets - Marketing Data Analytics - Qlik

Prioritize markets.

Optimize investment

Optimize investment and mix decisions.

Accurately forecast and track KPIs - Marketing Data Analytics - Qlik

Accurately forecast and track KPIs.

Four key elements of modern marketing analytics.

Large, complex datasets — like ad platforms, CRM, marketing automation, web analytics, IoT/product, even real time sources — provide both challenges and opportunities. It can take hours preparing data in custom spreadsheets. Otherwise, you couldn’t tie this information together to see how your efforts impact revenue or optimize the full customer lifecycle.

Modern analytics from Qlik automate and accelerate data integration and prep, so your teams can focus their time exploring trusted, governed data using advanced self service marketing analytics to uncover hidden insight.

Closed loop Icon

Closed loop.

One source of truth Icon

One source of truth.

AI-powered insight Icon

AI-powered insight.

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True self service.

Campaign planning and optimization.

Refine your campaigns with analytics that close the loop between campaign tactics and revenue.

Optimize your campaign level marketing mix - Marketing Data Analytics - Qlik

Optimize your campaign level marketing mix.

Improve campaign performance - Marketing Data Analytics - Qlik

Improve campaign performance.

Simplify even the most complex buyer journey - Marketing Data Analytics - Qlik

Simplify even the most complex buyer journey.

Take timely action - Marketing Data Analytics - Qlik

Take timely action.

B2B Marketers Align With Sales

Improve pipeline velocity by deeply understanding your leads and account lifecycles, even after they pass from marketing to sales.

Better align with sales - Marketing Data Analytics - Qlik

Better align with sales.

Optimize operations - Marketing Data Analytics - Qlik

Optimize operations.

Demonstrate marketing’s impact - Marketing Data Analytics - Qlik

Demonstrate marketing’s impact.


Drive brand recognition and sales — both online and in store — by deeply understanding consumers’ needs, expectations, and behavior in each stage of their lifecycle. Then uncover innovative ways to engage customers and meet their needs every step of the way.

Increase conversion - Marketing Data Analytics - Qlik

Increase conversion.

Maximize return on ad spend - Marketing Data Analytics - Qlik

Maximize return on ad spend.

Optimize in real time - Marketing Data Analytics - Qlik

Optimize in real time.

Improve cross sell and upsell - Marketing Data Analytics - Qlik

Improve cross sell and upsell.

Qlik Sense is the modern platform for marketing analytics.

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