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Plan confidently with data driven forecasting and pipeline management.

Two of the leading causes of forecast inaccuracies and missed targets are insufficient pipeline data and the limited analytical capabilities CRM platforms offer. Qlik® helps sales and RevOps teams analyze current and historical data to identify relevant trends and behavior patterns, and build more accuracy into quota analysis, benchmarks, and forecasting.

Forecast more accurately with a clear view of the entire sales cycle - Sales Analytics - Qlik

Gain the context to confidently plan the future —predict sales forecasts and manage the pipeline — with visibility into the full sales process from lead to close. You can leverage trending data analysis that combines sales, marketing and finance data.

Meet and exceed sales goals with better performance analysis - Sales Analytics - Qlik

Enable easy access into sales, quota, and pipeline data to provide powerful sales team performance analysis. Qlik helps you get insight across sales stages, target markets, competition, and more to better manage and realize sales goals.

Reveal hidden insight by bringing all your sales data together - Sales Analytics - Qlik

Easily combine relevant sales data from across your sales process to deliver a unified view. With Qlik, your sales team can explore data more deeply and gain a powerful competitive edge, with sales insight previously hidden in data silos.

Transform your Salesforce data into actionable sales insight.

Get unprecedented visibility into all your CRM data with Qlik for Salesforce. It helps you combine data from Salesforce and other business systems. Within hours, sales teams can start analyzing account, contact, opportunity, and other relevant data across your systems. They’ll quickly uncover otherwise hidden sales trends and actionable insight.

  • Get powerful interactive analytics, reports, and dashboards embedded on Salesforce tabs or within Qlik apps

  • Give reps a 360 degree view of customers by combining relevant data sources

  • Fully control the data and analytics each person can access

Transform your Salesforce data into actionable sales insight - Sales Analytics - Qlik

Drive sales performance with analytics insights that go way beyond the capabilities of CRM.

Qlik enables sales to explore and analyze CRM data. Easily combine it with other sales, marketing, and finance data to discover the channels, sales reps, customers, products, and services that perform — and those that don’t. Forecast more accurately, drive more orders, and close bigger deals.

Capture more sales with data-driven insights CRM can’t provide. - Sales Analytics - Qlik

Capture more sales with data-driven insights CRM does not provide.

Analyze CRM data in powerful new ways with world class analytics - Sales Analytics - Qlik

Analyze CRM data in powerful new ways with world class analytics.

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Make better decisions by combining CRM and other relevant data sources - Sales Analytics - Qlik

Make better decisions by combining CRM and other relevant data sources.

Accelerate your success with more effective product performance analysis.

Build a more efficient and profitable business by maximizing the revenue opportunities your products offer. Build smarter strategies to capture cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Make more informed, proactive decisions about critical product end-of-life, seasonality, and supply/demand trends.

Deepen satisfaction and loyalty by using data to deliver a great customer experience.

Bring your customer data and feedback together with analytics to help proactively manage and improve the customer experience. You’ll understand what customers want, identify and prioritize actions, and measure your progress. With insight, you can constantly innovate, delight customers with a great experience, and sustain sales growth.

With Qlik, we can run reports and create dashboards quickly to detect market changes and product sales in real time. This allows our salespeople to immediately respond to new opportunities and improve business performance.

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