Data Integration
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Rapidly deliver trusted data to drive smarter decisions.


Rapidly move data from SaaS applications and databases in just a few clicks.

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  • Pre-built connectivity to a wide range of SaaS sources

  • Pre-built connectivity to multiple destinations including the leading cloud data warehouses

  • Managed and secure cloud-based data pipeline

  • Ready-to-query schemas

  • Data catalog to view accessible datasets

  • Manage field-level metadata and data profiling

  • Analytics and automation workflows


Operationalize real-time data movement at scale with change data capture.

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Everything in Starter, plus:

  • Real-time synchronization using log-based change data capture (CDC)

  • Pre-built connectivity with many databases and file formats

  • Cloud, client managed, or hybrid deployment

  • Secure, private access between VPCs and on-premise networks

  • Unlimited and optimized data movement to Qlik Cloud Analytics


Automate data transformation and support a wide variety of targets, formats and architectures.

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Everything in Standard, plus:

  • Automated and flexibile transformations using ELT or ETL

  • Data warehouse, lake and Lakehouse automation, including automated data mart creation

  • End-to-end column-level lineage and impact analysis

  • Spark batch processing for high-end data movement

  • Self-service data preparation

  • Application and API integration


Comprehensive quality, governance and AI capabilities to create a trusted data foundation.

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Everything in Premium, plus:

  • Create data pipelines for AI and Generative AI use cases

  • Enrich data and pipelines with integrated LLM extensibility

  • Create data products to maximize data usage and value

  • Data Marketplace for users to find trusted and fit for purpose data

  • Data Quality and profiling based on automatically recognized semantic types

  • Data stewardship for reviews, validation and remediation

  • Comprehensive connectivity to SAP applications and Mainframe sources

  • Qlik Talend Trust Score™ to ensure data readiness for AI and analytics

Qlik Talend is also available as a client-managed solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major differences between Qlik Talend Cloud, Qlik Data Integration, and Talend Data Fabric?

Qlik Talend Cloud, built on Qlik Cloud® infrastructure, combines Qlik and Talend cloud capabilities into a single, comprehensive data integration, quality and governance solution. Qlik Data Integration is client-managed and offers automated, governed, real-time data pipelines that deliver reliable, analytics-ready data. Talend Data Fabric brings together data integration, data integrity, and data quality into a unified environment and is also client managed.

Does client-managed Qlik Data Integration work with Qlik Talend Cloud?

Yes, we’ve made it easy for client-managed customers to leverage our new iPaaS capabilities delivered through Qlik Cloud. For example, Qlik Talend Cloud can be used to transform data replicated by Qlik Data Integration Client-Managed into cloud data warehouses. And Qlik Data Integration Client-Managed can leverage the SaaS application connectivity of Qlik Talend Cloud to meet any business challenge.

What data sources and targets are supported?

Qlik supports hundreds of sources and targets across cloud providers, databases, data warehouses, and applications. Supported partners include AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Snowflake, Databricks, Cloudera, Confluent, and many more.

How does Qlik Talend Cloud Pricing work?

There are four editions of Qlik Talend Cloud offerings. Depending on which edition is chosen, customers will get access to the corresponding capabilities associated with that edition. Customers subscribe to a certain amount of capacity of usage for the chosen edition. Usage is measured based on a combination of data volume moved, number of job executions and execution duration.

How is the usage calculated?

The formal definitions of the price metrics are captured in the Service Description Guide.

How can a customer effectively manage usage?

Discover why more than 40,000 customers trust Qlik

"We needed to consolidate data in one place, from heterogenous sources, updated in almost real-time. That’s what Qlik Data Integration enables for us.”

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"We needed to consolidate data in one place, from heterogenous sources, updated in almost real-time. That’s what Qlik Data Integration enables for us.”

"Qlik was the only solution that could provide breadth of coverage on all the key systems within JLR’s estate.”

“With Qlik Data Integration ... we’re confidently able to respond to market changes with the timely data we need for good business decisions.”

“Qlik Replicate enables us to build agile applications and analytics in the AWS Cloud, dealing efficiently with the volume and velocity of our mainframe data.”

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