Cloudera – Enterprise Data Migration

Qlik helps companies ingest data sets from all major databases, data warehouses, and structured files into Cloudera Enterprise to enable downstream analytics projects. Qlik technology is certified by Cloudera for the Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub.

Accelerated data ingest for Cloudera Enterprise

Qlik Replicate® moves data into and out of Cloudera Enterprise quickly and easily. Using Qlik Replicate, you can create copies of production databases for operational reporting, offload queries from operational systems to reduce load and impact, and facilitate zero-downtime migrations and upgrades. Qlik Replicate can also be used to distribute data across data centers and locations.

The “drag and drop” design simplifies the process of data ingestion by automating the steps required for setup. Qlik Replicate’s zero-footprint technology doesn’t require additional software installation on the source or target. The software is scalable and offers a single point of control for defining, executing and monitoring data transfer and distribution tasks.

Key features include:

  • High performance connectivity to Cloudera Enterprise through native APIs

  • Drag & drop configuration

  • Automated schema generation in HCatalog, on HDFS files, and into Kafka

  • Flexible target database schema mapping, transforms, filters and transformations

  • Central monitoring dashboard with web-based metrics, alerts and log file management

  • High-speed data load options:

    • Full reload with overwrite

    • Operationalizing appends, then address the merging processes

    • Change Data Capture (CDC) from sources

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