Create a Full GTM Data Hub

When you look at product metrics alone, you leave insights on the table. Talend® Stitch helps you migrate away from orphaned product metrics and makes data fully integrated, explorable, viewable, and manageable.

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Create happier customers.

Everyone who uses your product provides valuable data that can inform your entire go-to-market strategy. So it’s critical to integrate product data with revenue metrics and fill in the missing pieces of your GTM planning. When you leverage fully managed pipelines with Stitch, in just minutes your data is ready for analysis.

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Ship the right features at the right time.

Integrate your product, sales, and customer engagement data to refine your roadmap and maximize your impact. Understand the features being adopted, and also how new products and features drive growth among the customers you care about.

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Generate more revenue.

Get product data out of silos and into the hands of decision makers. That’ll put context around customer behavior, so you can better understand how they use the product. Then help your entire organization adapt and improve. Keep your sales team plugged in to customer product usage, spot customers at risk of churn, and build marketing campaigns to drive adoption.

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Create a revenue strategy with product intelligence.

Tracking feature clicks isn’t enough. Learn how Talend can help you act on product insights across the entire business.

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