Increase Production, Improve Efficiency, and Adapt to Shifting Market Dynamics

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Qlik energy and utility analytics allow you to combine data from many sources and freely explore and analyze that data to make smart, data-driven decisions.

  • Improve efficiency by optimizing supply chain and midstream costs

  • Mitigate emissions through facility and equipment improvements

  • Understand customer behavior and improve customer service

  • Guide new research and technologies to pursue

  • Reduce downtime and increase output

Qlik® spatial analysis helps you uncover location based insight by overlaying maps with layers of geodata. For example, a midstream natural gas company can improve efficiency and adapt to shifting market dynamics by bringing together and visualizing complex performance data from interstate, intrastate, and local distribution pipelines.

Qlik augmented analytics uses AI and machine learning to suggest insights and analyses, to help you find key insights in your interactive dashboards.

PECO fuels digital transformation with analytics.

Thanks to real-time energy analytics, smarter reporting, and a streamlined system, PECO, an Exelon company, is redefining the relationship between utility and customer.

PECO fuels digital transformation with energy and utility analytics.

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