Data Research Went From Thousands of Hours to Near Real Time

Market leader Georgia-Pacific created an easy to use single source of truth for both developers and end users.

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In projected savings

Georgia-Pacific is saving millions of dollars. That includes the human effort required to research, parse, contextualize, report, analyze, and digest data. And the opportunity to conduct some media operations in house.


Hours a year saved

Qlik Sense enabled customized dashboards and report-building applications that allow teams to dive into the data that matters.


Users accessing the platform on a regular basis

Staff can focus on higher value priorities, such as optimizing marketing spend and identifying and responding to the results of campaigns.


The very definition of siloed

Data was spread across 30 siloed internal and external platforms. That meant 60 to 70 different media partners all speaking a slightly different data language. That cost the company millions of dollars and thousands of hours. Plus the cost of missed or unseen opportunities. 

“It’s critical that we become a data-driven organization,” says Brian Sullivano, Senior Director, Marketing Technology at Georgia-Pacific. “We need our teams to ensure that we’re creating value, increasing the speed at which we react to the marketplace and most importantly, delivering against the daily needs of our consumers.”

Challenge Georgia-Pacific Faced


Provide self service, ease of use, and speed

Data is now accessible from a host of previously siloed sources and consolidated into a common language and format. 

With Qlik Sense, Georgia-Pacific was quickly able to develop a range of dashboards and report-building applications. These now allow individual teams to dive into the data that matters to them, as well as make it available to cross-functional teams.

Approach Georgia-Pacific took with Qlik Sense


Better visibility translates into better decisions

The deployment of Qlik Sense means data is now accessible from a host of previously siloed sources and consolidated into a common language and format. 

“By in-sourcing marketing mix modeling, we’ve been able to understand the effectiveness of those investments more frequently and make better-informed decisions about our media choices,” says Laura Knebusch, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Consumer Experience. “And that goes beyond choosing between TV or digital – it extends to tactics, TV dayparts and partners. It’s had an immediate impact.”

Results with Qlik Sense


Turn insight into opportunity

With critical business data available centrally, quickly, and easily, your teams can elevate problem solving, find unexpected business and marketing opportunity, and maximize previously unseen advantage.  

“Teams or individual cross-functional team members can go in and see every single dimension and measure what we have in the business today,” Sullivano explains. “Through simple click-and-select-type capabilities, they’re able to create their own reports, save those reports, publish them, share them with other people and collaborate on the details and information gained.”

Customer Story : Georgia-Pacific

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