Streamline Your SAP Test Data Management and SAP Modernization Initiatives

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Improve the availability, security and quality of data in your non-production SAP environments. You’ll increase developer productivity, maintain referential data integrity, and reduce storage requirements.

Test data management challenges

See how you can create, secure, and update non-production SAP systems with fewer resources, robust security, and fewer delays.

Diagram showing data flow from a "Production" database to four destinations: "SAP HANA Sandbox," "QA," "Training," and "Development" databases, with a lock icon on the "Training" database.

Streamline test data management

Improve the efficiency, cost, and security of managing test data in SAP environments.

  • Rapidly define, copy and synchronize transactional data from production to non-production targets

  • Identify, select, and delete non-production data

  • Manage extensive and powerful data transformations through a clean and easy-to-use interface

  • Automate data selection and enable hands-free test data refresh cycles

A screenshot of the Qlik Gold Client Solutions user interface, displaying options for data export, import, analysis, and support contact information, with several buttons and menus.

Protect data with powerful masking

You have several options to protect PII data in non-production environments via data masking. The data masking process cannot be reverse engineered to recreate the original source data.

  • Use dynamic masking when the data is in flight

  • Use static masking when you apply scrambling rules to a previously unscrambled non-production SAP environment

Diagram showing Production Records with columns for Update, Transaction, Address, State, and ZIP, alongside Anonymized Non-Prod Records with Name, Transaction, Address, State, and ZIP columns, indicating data scrambling and maintaining integrity.
It’s obvious that Qlik knows the SAP data model better than anyone in the industry. Gold Client® went into the very complex area from which we needed a specific data set and knocked it out of the park.

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Transform, synchronize, and copy select data subsets

You have the most powerful and flexible methods to control data subsets across your SAP landscapes, in the data center or in the cloud.

  • Build systems, keep them in sync.

  • Create smaller, fully functional clients.

  • Snap, slice, segment copies of SAP data.

  • Secure, transform and purge data.

  • Support ERP / HR / CRM / SCM / SRM / GTS / Business Suite on HANA.

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Use with BW or BW on HANA

Independently copy select data subsets and manage business warehouses, even faced with the unique demands of SAP Business Warehouse environments.

Select and copy subsets of BW data:

  • Align BW structures.

  • Copy BW queries.

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Ensure data privacy compliance

Streamline the anonymization and/or deletion of personally identifiable information (PII) in the production environment.

A shield icon with "PII" text in the center. Below it are five icons: a controller, a circular arrow, "x2", a brightness symbol, and a document.

Facilitate business divestitures

  • Split SAP applications and data into separate systems to assist corporate divestitures

  • Create scenarios that identify data by company code, sales organization, purchase organization, plant, warehouse, etc. so that only data belonging to the divested business unit is exported.

Flowchart showing a data migration process from a source production client to new target environments (Development, QA, Production) through a repository, with users, security, and configuration transfers.

Enable SAP HANA modernization

SAP plans to deliver all SAP applications as SAP S/4HANA apps by the year 2025. Qlik Gold Client facilitates the SAP HANA modernization process by helping you quickly and easily select, protect, and load modest subsets of production data into pilot SAP HANA systems for proof of concepts or evaluations. This works on-premises or in the cloud.

Two tiles are shown side by side. The left tile is labeled Production and offers 10 TB with an older support package, while the right offers 2 TB with a current support package. An arrow points from the left to right tile.

Stay confidence of certification

  • Leader in SAP data management since 1998

  • SAP software solution and technology partner

  • SAP certified

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