Migrate Your Data to Google Cloud

Qlik offers solutions that help you accelerate data replication, ingestion, and streaming across all major database, data warehouse, data lake and legacy systems to the Google Cloud.

Universal data replication and data ingestion

Qlik Replicate® is the foundation for modern, efficient data pipelines to the Google Cloud, moving data continuously at high speed from source(s) to target. With agentless configuration, you can easily set up, control and monitor bulk loads and real-time updates using Qlik’s change data capture (CDC) technology.

Diagram showing the flow from data sources to Qlik Replicate to Google Cloud

Cloud Data Migration

Efficiently load and continuously update data into Google BigQuery, Google CloudSQL, Google DataProc and Google Store data.

Cloud Data Warehousing

Automate and optimize your Google BigQuery cloud data warehouse.

Cloud Data Lakes

Enhance and improve analytics-ready data sets for your Google DataProc or Google Store data lake initiatives.

SAP Analytics

Liberate and move SAP data for real-time analytics projects.

SAP Analytics

Offload mainframe data to Google CloudSQL to reduce MIPs costs and empower new enterprise applications.

Agile data warehouse automation

Qlik Compose® for Data Warehouses automates the design, implementation and updates of data warehouses and data marts. It minimizes the manual and error-prone processes of modelling and deploying data models in Google BigQuery by automating data modeling, ETL code generation and workflow. Using Qlik Compose, data architects and project managers can speed cloud analytics projects, optimize data warehouse processes and reduce the time to produce analytics-ready data.

Diagram showing the flow from source data through Qlik Replicate through BigQuery and Qlik Compose

Qlik Support for Google Cloud

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