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To maximize the value of your most important business asset, HR and leadership must be able to deeply understand workforce effectiveness and confidently predict the impact of change. Qlik® HR data analytics make that possible. You can leverage all candidate and employee data so you can recruit the right talent, make them happier and more productive, and help every line of business thrive.

Modernize and automate talent acquisition.

Easily understand your talent pipeline and hiring needs so you get the right people into the right roles at the right time. Use data and analytics to improve the efficiency of the recruiting process, new hire quality, and diversity.

Enhance recruitment efficiency - HR Data Analytics - Qlik

Enhance recruitment efficiency.

Optimize sourcing channels - HR Data Analytics - Qlik

Optimize sourcing channels.

Improve your quality of hire - HR Data Analytics - Qlik

Improve your quality of hire.

Advance diversity and gender goals - HR Data Analytics - Qlik

Advance diversity and gender goals.

Drive workforce learning and development.

Quickly assess employee skills and gaps, monitor progress, and identify where and how much improvement is needed. Futureproof your people operations with predictive analytics that help you respond to potential attrition, employee engagement, staffing and resourcing needs, and more.

Streamline onboarding processes - HR Data Analytics - Qlik

Streamline onboarding.

Track and optimize learning programs - HR Data Analytics - Qlik

Track and optimize learning programs.

Proactively manage employee development - HR Data Analytics - Qlik

Proactively manage employee development.

Transform performance management.

Go beyond traditional review processes with an automated, data-driven approach. Combine data from your performance management system, LMS, and other sources of employee data, creating a holistic view of performance. You can:

  • Aggregate and analyze check-ins to monitor progress

  • Proactively manage career development

  • Create a continuous feedback loop between employees and managers

Performance management analytics let you continually monitor performance, satisfaction, and goal progress so you can act quickly with timely support to ensure better business outcomes and help employees reach their potential.

Transform performance management - HR Data Analytics - Qlik

Reduce workforce management burdens.

Create self-service analytics that let HR teams freely explore and analyze relevant data while automating workforce reporting to save substantial time and increase visibility for stakeholders.

Modern and predictive workforce planning - HR Data Analytics - Qlik

Enable modern and predictive workforce planning.

Optimize compensation & benefits - HR Data Analytics - Qlik

Optimize compensation and benefits.

Drive employee engagement - HR Data Analytics - Qlik

Drive employee engagement.

Anticipate and manage crises faster - HR Data Analytics - Qlik

Anticipate and manage crises faster.

Employees expect the same level of service and responsiveness from their company as they receive in their daily lives. It was imperative to provide our managers with a solution that is easily accessible via mobile applications to provide them with information in real time.

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