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Maximize the value of your SAP data with Qlik’s powerful data integration and analytics solutions for SAP. Deliver live SAP data wherever you need it, from SAP test environments to any analytics platform. And empower people across your business with data analytics that uncover hidden insights they can’t find with other analytics tools.

Powerful SAP Data Replication

Make your live production SAP data seamlessly available across diverse platforms and hybrid environments. Streamline and improve SAP test data and enable a wide range of SAP analytics use cases with our powerful and flexible data integration platform.

Bolder insights for all your users

Our powerful and flexible analytics experience lets your users freely explore SAP data and combine it with sales, marketing, and other sources to make bigger, bolder discoveries. And with little or no IT support needed, everyone is more productive.

Rapid time-to-value and analytics ROI

SAP-certified connectors let you quickly analyze SAP data to uncover hidden insights. And with a highly intuitive experience and ability to rapidly deploy self-service analytics, users can start leveraging new insights in weeks, not months.

Scalable multi-cloud analytics deployment

A governed, multi-cloud platform lets you deploy analytics in any environment – on-premise, in the cloud or as a complete SaaS solution. It’s built to support massive growth in users and data without compromising performance or security.

SAP Solution Accelerators

Jump start your SAP analytics and data modernization journey.

  • SAP Order-to-Cash

    Optimize sales order management, fulfillment,
    and cash/working capital.
  • SAP Financials

    Enhance financials data analytics with insights in your P&L, balance sheet, and cash-flow data.
  • SAP Inventory Management

    Improve materials inventory receiving, operating efficiencies, and cost management.

Powerful SAP Data Replication

Many of the world’s largest enterprises run their business on SAP applications and it’s critical to make live production SAP data seamlessly available across diverse platforms and hybrid environments. But this can be time-consuming and costly. Explore how Qlik can help you organization streamline and improve SAP test data and enable SAP analytics:

  • SAP Test Data Management

    Improve data quality, availability and security with a low-footprint test environment. Qlik (formerly Attunity) solutions enable specific and secure SAP test data refreshes, quickly copying data subsets from the production environment.
  • SAP HANA Data Migration

    Reduce the risk, complexity, and cost of your data migrations to the SAP HANA platform. Certified through S/4, Qlik solutions simplify SAP HANA rollouts by easily selecting, protecting and copying data subsets for proof of concept evaluations.
  • Enabling SAP Analytics

    Deliver SAP data to any analytics platform — quickly, easily and in real-time. Qlik offers a high-performance and easy-to-use replication solution for delivering SAP application data real-time for big data analytics.
  • Ensure GDPR Compliance

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is prompting enterprises to re-think their data management practices. Qlik solutions can help you attain GDPR compliance, especially in SAP environments.
Screenshots demonstrating a rich Qlik Sense dashboard on both desktop and mobile devices

A modern analytics platform for the enterprise

SAP systems contain a wealth of business data, but most users struggle to find the data they need, limited by slow, static SAP reporting that requires heavy IT support. Qlik Sense® removes these barriers, supporting any BI use case. Combine all your SAP and other data sources, empowering users to explore this broader business context with highly interactive, AI-powered analytics to make more powerful discoveries and better decisions, every day.

Explore SAP data without boundaries

Easily explore all your data with global search and interactive selections. Smart visualizations put data in just the right context to convey meaning. And analytics update instantly with each click, showing what’s related and not, to guide you deeper or point you in new directions.

Go farther, faster with a new breed of AI

Augmented intelligence boosts discovery, automating tasks and suggesting in-context SAP insights that help users make connections and explore paths they wouldn’t otherwise see. And natural language interactions make it easy to explore SAP data using simple chat or voice.

All your SAP and non-SAP data, together at last

Put your SAP data in the context of your entire business, easily combining any data sources, no matter how large or complex, into a single view. Qlik’s Associative Engine indexes and understands the relationships between every value, so users can explore in any direction – no limits or blind spots.

Create and explore analytics on any device

Access SAP business intelligence wherever you are. Explore, create, and collaborate on any device with responsive design and touch interaction. Build analytics apps once, and they work everywhere. And get fully interactive offline SAP data analysis with native iOS apps.

Business intelligence built for the enterprise

Leverage your existing SAP Investments

SAP-certified interfaces let you easily combine data from SAP ERP, SAP BW, and SAP HANA applications. And you can leverage business logic and investments in HANA views and tables, BEx queries, DSO / ODS objects, ABAP reports, SAP queries, and SAP extractors.

Scale massively and securely

Enterprise-grade technology supports massive growth in users and data without compromising performance. And flexible, rules-based security offers granular control, keeping data and analytics safe and compliant for even the most demanding industries.

Governed, multi-cloud platform

Our multi-cloud architecture lets you deploy in any environment – on-premise, in your own cloud, or as a complete SaaS analytics solution. Leverage your existing infrastructure investments and support the full range of BI use cases for your SAP data.

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