Qlik Self-Paced Learning

Look something up. Learn something new.
All the answers you need, when you need them, come with Qlik self-paced learning.

Qlik Continuous Classroom

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Qlik Continuous Classroom

Access learning content that's just right for you. The Qlik Continuous Classroom is our self-paced training that puts all the learning you need at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere, always.

Hundreds of Courses

Get the knowledge and skills to get started the right way, right away, with Qlik. Then look something up or learn something new, anytime, on-demand.

Prescriptive Learning Plans

Discover prescriptive plans. They're built for each user role by product, taking the guesswork out of what to do next.

Quizzes and Practice Exams

Don't wonder how you're progressing. Know for sure with five-question quizzes and assessments that don't have to count.

Personalized Learning Plans

Build your own learning plans – personalized with your interests and experience in mind. Track your progress along the way.

Smart Search within Videos

Find what you need instantly by fast-forwarding to any spoken word in a video.

Hands-on Exercises

Because trying it yourself matters, interact with Qlik products in our hands-on exercises.

Choose from targeted, role-based

You have a job to do. We help you do it better by covering all of the essential courses you need to excel at data analytics, data integration and data-informed decision making.

Business Analyst

Create powerful, clean, cutting-edge visualizations. Learn the best ways to help users explore information and gain critical insights with data that transforms business.

Data Architect

Manage and consolidate data from different tables and sources and integrate them into a clean dashboard interface.

Full Access

Experience all Qlik Continuous Classroom training anytime for your best learning outcomes. All roles. All course content. All for one affordable price.

Business user training built on your Qlik apps and data

Increase user adoption and your Qlik ROI with targeted Custom Application Training, specially designed for business users to learn your organization’s application.

  • Learning consultant to identify your use cases and deliver learning resources for your team’s success

  • Targeted self-paced learning developed by an Instructional Designer on your Qlik applications

  • Additional introductory videos and reference materials to kick-start business users

  • Qlik launch plan with communication templates and best practices to successfully launch Qlik apps into your organization

Self Paced Training: Business User Training built on your Qlik apps and data

Empower your team with Qlik training.