Training Contacts

Qlik has local training offices around the world. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to the most common training questions. Further inquiries can be addressed by reaching out to the contacts below.

  • Regional Training Inquiries

    • Training scheduling and registration
    • Purchasing Corporate Continuous Classroom subscriptions, Onsite Instructor-led Training, Training Cards or Custom Application Training
    • Billing
    • Requesting a group skills assessment
    • Training recommendations

    Please contact your regional education representative:

  • General Education Inquiries

    • Qlik Continuous Classroom issues
    • Qlik Learning Portal questions
    • Qlik Sense Qualifications
    • Qlik Product Certifications

    Please contact [email protected] to assist you with your general education inquiries.

    Academic Program Inquiries

    For questions regarding academic professors and students, please visit out Academic Program page for details concerning the program. If you still have questions, please contact [email protected].