Innovate and Optimize With the Agility of Real-Time Analytics

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You can identify market changes and quickly respond through rapid innovation and execution. But it takes in-the-moment awareness about every aspect of your business. Qlik® analytics allows you to combine data from many sources and freely explore and analyze that data in near-time or real-time to make lightning fast, data-driven decisions.

  • Executives and finance teams overcome the challenges of planning, forecasting, and tracking revenue and expenses in the dynamic tech industry. Stay nimble with frequent product introductions and upgrades and even new categories

  • B2B sales and marketing teams identify and align on target markets and accounts to ensure a smooth hand off of leads, and accurately measure each team's impact on deals

  • R&D accelerate innovation by analyzing research data and market trends

  • Product teams improve UX by analyzing how users interact with products

  • Operations and manufacturing teams optimize inventory by gaining global sales and supply chain visibility

Every team can count on a governed dataset that brings together data from a wide variety of sources, provides a reliable, single source of truth, and gives a holistic view of the business. That way, users spend more time getting insight and taking action, and less time preparing data.

Should you build or buy? Qlik embedded analytics helps you get to market faster.

Your developers may be able to build custom visualizations, KPI dashboards, and reporting within your software or website. But that is not the best way to invest your precious development resources. The Qlik embedded analytics platform allows you to customize white label analytics solutions to meet your business requirements faster and deliver more value overall. And Qlik can even manage and automate your integrations for you so you can create and maintain native API integrations efficiently and at scale.

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E2open provides partners with real-time analytics

E2open revolutionizes supply chain management software by creating real-time visibility and a single, connected platform for all planning needs. Qlik analytics, embedded in the E2open platform, provides quick, actionable insights for all ecosystem partners.

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Amadeus allows customers to analyze their data

Amadeus, a leader in SaaS solutions for the airline industry, embeds Qlik inside its complex ecosystem of processes and operation tools. It helps customers analyze their own big data on booking, scheduling, and sales.

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Microland sets itself apart by giving customers visibility

Microland, an IT service management leader, incorporated Qlik as the visualization layer for its SmartInsights platform of pre-built dashboards and KPIs for its customers. This has differentiated Microland from their competition and reduced resolution times.

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