Build an intelligent, agile supply chain.

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You can have modern supply chain data analytics built on real-time data pipelines and AI. It eliminates traditional data silos and drives informed decision making and action.

Facilitate holistic sales and operational planning.

To conduct effective sales and operational planning (S&OP), you need deep collaboration within and outside your organization. You must coordinate financial, supply and operational planning with precise demand forecasting.

There is no better platform than Qlik®. It brings together ERP, SCM, Forecasting, MES, and other internal systems, as well as external data sources like third-party logistics and consumer demand/sentiment. So stakeholders can work together with near real-time visibility. They’ll improve forecast accuracy, balance inventory with customer demand, and optimize production capacity.

Increase demand forecasting accuracy - Supply Chain Data Analytics - Qlik

Increase demand forecasting accuracy.

Connect supply planning with demand - Supply Chain Data Analytics - Qlik

Connect supply planning with demand.

Optimize production planning - Supply Chain Data Analytics - Qlik

Optimize production planning.

Advance priorities with executive insight - Supply Chain Data Analytics - Qlik

Advance priorities with executive insight.

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See Qlik Sense® in Action.

There’s nothing like seeing what a product can do to spark ideas on how to transform your business with modern analytics. Watch our free demo videos to see Qlik Sense cloud analytics in action.

Optimize inventory to balance demand and cost efficiency.

Manage optimal inventory levels by continually balancing cost reduction, customer satisfaction, shifts in customer demand, sourcing, and other external dynamics. With Qlik, you can gain visibility up and down your supply chain with near real-time demand sensing alongside production, supplier and regional insight. It means reduced stockouts, optimal safety stock levels, lower inventory carrying costs, and more satisfied customers.

Enable demand driven inventory management - Supply Chain Data Analytics - Qlik

Enable demand driven inventory management.

Maximize production efficiency - Supply Chain Data Analytics - Qlik

Maximize production efficiency.

Manage product and process quality.

Ensure regulatory compliance - Supply Chain Data Analytics - Qlik

Empower regulatory compliance.

Synchronize your business network with supply chain analytics.

So create end-to-end visibility to enable collaboration across multi-enterprise business networks. Qlik supply chain data analytics are uniquely capable, easily combining disparate data sources in real time for in-depth, multi-source analysis and AI-powered automation. With Qlik you can:

  • Identify and resolve supply disruptions farther upstream

  • Monitor supplier performance on delivery, price, and service

  • Strengthen negotiations and partnerships to create a competitive edge

Synchronize your business network with supply chain analytics - Supply Chain Data Analytics - Qlik

Improve the customer experience by streamlining fulfillment and efficiency

Qlik supply chain analytics helps create a better customer experience and more efficient supply chain. You can optimize customer fulfillment, warehousing, and logistics operations by balancing channel availability, safety -stock levels, inventory carrying costs, delivery times, and other factors.

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Enable omni-channel management.

Create a lean warehousing and distribution model - Thumbnail Image

Create a lean warehousing and distribution model.

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Control transportation and logistics costs.

Qlik Sense® is the modern platform for Supply Chain Data Analytics.

See what customers are saying

Qlik is helping us make strategic decisions across the business; from informing our decisions on when to move the manufacturing of goods to the UK or Turkey, to empowering us to pool inventory and increase volume we can offer retailers during critical times via real-time stock reporting.

Jason Simpson
Business Analyst, Whitworths
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