Data Quality and Governance

Ensure Trusted Data for Your Teams

Discover, remediate, and share trusted data with simple self-service tools to automate data processes, inform your team, and help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Build trust and drive usage of your data and analytics

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Unified data quality and governance

Streamline data refinement into clean, compliant, and accessible assets.


Promote analytics and get deeper insights

Empower users with on-demand access to trusted, analytics ready data.

Quantify and measure trust

Build confidence in the reliability and accuracy of your data.

Take a unified approach to data quality and governance

Modernize your cloud data infrastructure, ensure regulatory compliance, and develop your internal data marketplace with unified data quality and governance. Qlik Talend™ automated data profiling provides pervasive data quality rules, user-friendly tools, and harnesses the expertise of data stewards.

Diagram depicting data flow from multiple sources into a Data Quality Management sector and then into a Data Governance framework with steps: discover and monitor.

Boost analytics usage and generate deeper insights

A metadata-powered catalog helps you eliminate data silos, enforce consistency, and foster collaboration. You can discover, preview, and select content across all your datasets, apps, notes, business glossary terms, and other sources. Detailed insights help you fully understand — and utilize — your analytics pipelines.

A graphic of a data catalog showing a webpage with columns labeled 'Speed' and 'Data Type,' accompanied by green and white elements representing output and insights.

Say goodbye to doubts about data quality

Maintain high quality data with continuous monitoring, profiling, and improvement with the Talend Trust Score™. It measures data quality across your datasets, accelerates data quality rule computation using SQL pushdown in Snowflake and other cloud data warehouses, and safeguards data privacy.

A green circle with the number 98 and the text "talend TRUST SCORE" in it. Blue and green dots are on the left, and green lines are on the right.


AI Trends for 2024

Follow the path to trusted data. Explore the top AI trends for 2024 and learn how to turn your big data into better data.

AI Trends for 2024 Background Image
A magnifying glass focuses on a digital chart with bars and lines, symbolizing data analysis and examination. Surrounding elements include abstract shapes in shades of green and blue.

Talend Data Quality and Governance Resources

Put your data to the test with Talend Trust Assessor