Talend® Data Catalog

Crawl, profile, organize, link, and enrich all your data at speed.

The Talend Data Catalog application interface with a magnified section of a data table showing fields such as email address, geocode, and latitude with their data types, sourced from data titled "orders_us".

Deliver trusted data across your organization

Get a single, unified data control point for API development, application, and data integration, and data quality. 

  • Simplify search and discovery with robust tools

  • Extract metadata from virtually any source

  • Protect your data

  • Govern your analytics

A circular visualization with blue and green dots densely clustered in the center and spreading outward, fading in concentration toward the edges.

Automate data discovery

A graphic depicting data tables with columns labeled "Name" and "Data Type," alongside blue and green scatter plot points and bar charts labeled "Statistics".

Make data governance a team sport

Improve data accessibility, accuracy, and business relevance with a collaborative, secure, single point of control. Support data privacy and regulatory compliance with intelligent data lineage tracing, and compliance tracking.

Diagram illustrating data flow between different regional order databases (Orders_EU and Orders_US) and a consolidated Orders database. Green and purple lines indicate data connections and interactions.

Find and share trusted data faster

Empower your data consumers to get right to the data with easy search, access, and verify before sharing it with peers. A collaborative user experience allows anyone to contribute metadata or business glossary information.

A user interface depicting data tables with columns labeled "Name" and "Value", a selection overlay indicating "1 Selected", and database icons and lines connecting data elements on the left side.

"If you rely on a platform like a data lake that contains data from disparate sources, you need a good data cataloging mechanism and to assign data owners. Talend provides those capabilities and the kind of security you need to comply with GDPR regulations."

René Greiner

Vice President, Data Integration, Uniper

Wind turbines in a desert landscape, with mountains in the background and a few buildings visible in the distance.
Three people stand around a laptop, engaged in discussion. Green and teal digital lines and dots superimposed in the background suggest technological themes.

Quickly Deliver High-Quality, Secure, Analytics-Ready Data

“Data Governance in the Modern Data Analytics Pipeline” reveals how to accelerate the delivery of real-time, analytics-ready data while mitigating the risks that speed can bring.

Solve your data challenges