Qlik Trademarks

The following Qlik trademarks are used in the United States and in other countries. Unregistered or registration-pending trademarks bear the ™ symbol. For a full list of Qlik trademarks, along with usage guidelines, please download the Qlik Logo and Trademark Policy.

This list includes updates as of 01 November 2021.

Active Intelligence
Active Intelligence Platform
Associative Difference®
Gold Client®
Lead With Data® (+ Device) Lead with Data® (+Device)
Lead With Data
Qlik Active Intelligence Platform
Qlik Active Intelligence
Qlik Alerting®
Qlik Analytics Platform®
Qlik Application Automation
Qlik Catalog
Qlik Cloud®
Qlik Compose®
Qlik Connectors®
Qlik Data Integration Platform®
Qlik Data Transfer®
Q® (Device) Q® (Device)
Qlik Enterprise Manager®
Qlik Forts
Qlik GeoAnalytics®
Qlik Geocoding®
Qlik Gold Client®
Qlik NPrinting®
Qlik Replicate®
Qlik Reporting®
Qlik Sense Cloud®
Qlik Sense®
Qlik Visibility®
Qlik® (Device) Qlik® (Device)
Qlik® (In Mandarin) Q力特
QlikWorld® (Device) QlikWorld® (Device)