Qlik Trademarks

The following Qlik trademarks are used in the United States and in other countries. Unregistered or registration-pending trademarks bear the ™ symbol. For a full list of Qlik trademarks, along with usage guidelines, please download the Qlik Logo and Trademark Policy.

This list includes updates as of February 6, 2023.

Active Intelligence Platform®
Associative Difference®
Gold Client®
Qlik Active Intelligence Platform®
Qlik Active Intelligence
Qlik Alerting®
Qlik Analytics Platform®
Qlik Application Automation®
Qlik AutoML
Qlik Catalog®
Qlik Cloud®
Qlik Compose®
Qlik Connectors®
Qlik Data Integration Platform®
Qlik DataTransfer®
Q® (Device) Q® (Device)
Qlik Enterprise Manager®
Qlik GeoAnalytics®
Qlik Geocoding®
Qlik Gold Client®
Qlik NPrinting®
Qlik Replicate®
Qlik Reporting®
Qlik Sense Cloud®
Qlik Sense®
Qlik to be Certain
Qlik to be Certain (+ Device) Qlik to be Certain™ (+ Device)
Qlik Visibility®
Qlik® (Device) Qlik® (Device)
Qlik® (In Mandarin) Q力特
QlikWorld® (Device) QlikWorld® (Device)