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Microsoft and Qlik

Easy Azure migration, data ingestion and automation

Architecture diagram illustrating how Qlik data integration products can quickly get data to Power BI or any analytics tool.
Graphic illustrating the steps involved in data warehouse automation and how Qlik data integration supports the process.

Data Warehouse Automation

Get fast, analytics-ready data for increasingly diverse data sets. Qlik Data Integration automates the entire Azure Synapse lifecycle — from the moment you create your data warehouse to the day you decommission it.

  • Real-time data ingestion and updates
  • Automated, continuous refinement
  • Trusted, enterprise-ready data

In today’s hypercompetitive business climate, real-time insights are critical. Qlik’s Data Integration automates real-time data ingestion, streaming, cataloging, and publishing for Microsoft Azure Data Services. Enable users to quickly consume analytics-ready data — and confidently take action with the latest insights.

Graphic illustrating the steps involved in data lake creation and how Qlik data integration supports the process.

Managed Data Lake Creation

Trustworthy data makes your analytics initiatives successful. Qlik Data Integration for data lake creation automates the data management process for Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen2 and Azure Databricks. Promote confidence in the origin of your data across the full data pipeline with tools that find, govern, and understand different data sets.

  • Real-time, updated data streams
  • Automated pipeline for analytics-ready data
  • Single, trusted data source
Architecture diagram illustrating how Qlik Replicate data integration product can quickly bring data from a variety of sources into Azure data services.

Streaming Change Data Capture and Azure Migration

Our industry-leading Data Integration solution works fast. It uses change data capture (CDC) to efficiently deliver analytics-ready data from many sources to data warehouses, data lakes, streaming and cloud platforms — quickly moving it into the Microsoft data platform. CDC ensures your data is always current and your source systems aren’t slowed down.

  • End-to-end replication
  • Universal sources, targets, and platforms
  • Enterprise-wide monitoring and control

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Recognized Microsoft Gold Partner – Azure Migration

Qlik has a competency in the area of Data and AI that demonstrates proven expertise in delivering solutions for Azure data migration. Discover the power of Microsoft and Qlik (Attunity).

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