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Analyst Report
We lead in our industry so you can lead in yours. See why Gartner named Qlik a Leader for the 9th year in a row.
Evaluation Guide
Evaluation Guide
Evaluating BI solutions? Get a complete list of features to look for and questions to ask in this guide.
Top BI Trends 2019
Discover the most important trends emerging in BI, including big changes to infrastructure, service delivery, performance, data literacy, and more.

Western Power Australia unlocks the power of analytics with Qlik

Western Power Australia is a State Government owned corporation that builds, maintains and operates the electricity network in the south west corner of Western Australia. With Qlik, Western Power can easily address safety and reliability issues more accurately and efficiently, converting data into useful insights that powers its operations. According to David Hebden, Head of BI and Data Analytics, Western Power "Qlik has taken us from a reactive to a more proactive state by enabling us to connect with data from various sources quickly and tell a story… We've over a thousand users of Qlik Sense in the organization now. It's made a transformational difference to the organization.” See how Western Power Australia leverages Qlik to provide safe, reliable and efficient electricity to its customers.


Qlik Associative Big Data Index™ Architecture and Scalability Technical White Paper

This white paper provides a technical overview of the Qlik Associative Big Data Index (QABDI) enterprise-class architecture and scalability.


The Qlik Bracket Challenge

How Qlik Core was up to the challenge.

Analyst Report

2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant Report for Data Integration Tools

Discover why Qlik (Attunity) is recognized by Gartner, and get a copy of the report.

Analyst Reports

The Data Literacy Index

The Data Literacy Index, commissioned by Qlik and produced by Wharton School academics and IHS Markit, reveals correlation between company performance and workforce data literacy.

Datasheets / Brochures

Qlik Sense and Microsoft

Qlik Sense offers built-in connectivity to a large and growing number of Microsoft products and services. This gives your organization more freedom and flexibility by allowing users to easily combine internal or on-premise information with cloud-based data sources.


3 Steps to a Stronger KPI Strategy

Learn how to identify the metrics that matter – and develop a KPI strategy that supports your business today and into the future.


Design Best-in-Class Dashboards

Dashboards are essential to modern business. While needs vary across industries and organizations, a well-designed dashboard relates to its audience and tells a data-driven story.

On-Demand Webinars

Creating a new market using big data and analytics

See how StreetLight Data has opened up a new market with Qlik. By providing a self-service analytics platform, the firm illuminates rich patterns of transportation usage and travel behaviour. Now its customers across the private and public sectors can spark up new ideas to improve built environments, reduce congestion and mitigate environmental risk.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to capture, visualize and analyze all of your data so you can:

  • Create highly visual, easy to use data tools for spatial big data exploration
  • Move the conversation to include senior and C-suite personnel, for more strategic sales
  • Increase the value you deliver to your customers – and generate a healthier average sales price

On-Demand Webinars

Augmented Intelligence: Turning Digital Transformation from a Buzzword to a Strategic Asset

Learn how Augmented Intelligence takes a different approach to bridge data, algorithms, and humans to produce insights in this fast-paced educational TechTarget mini webcast sponsored by Qlik®.

On-Demand Webinars

Data Literacy: The Key to the Digital Transformation

Learn how to build a culture of data literacy to optimize your digital transformation in this fast-paced TechTarget mini webcast sponsored by Qlik®.

On-Demand Webinars

The Role of Data in the Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is much more than just moving to the cloud; it’s an opportunity to change how you do business and even what you do for business. Learn how to use data to define your organization’s digital transformation in this fast-paced educational TechTarget mini webcast sponsored by Qlik®.