Smart, Agile Test Data Management for SAP Environments

SAP environments are as varied as the global enterprises that run on them. Enterprises regularly acquire new business units, introduce new applications and update versions. Many are also migrating their systems to SAP HANA and the cloud. Every system includes customizations that conform to each firm’s unique processes, and continue to evolve as requirements change, increasing complexity.

And before any such rollouts, project deployment teams must test the changes to ERP, CRM, HR, Finance or other SAP applications in non-production environments. This testing process can be time-consuming and costly due to the challenge of replicating data from inherently complex SAP systems. Productivity suffers as developers and QA staff struggle with delayed release cycles, disruptive replication processes and faulty test results due to stale or invalid data.

Enterprises can mitigate these challenges with Qlik Gold Client® software, which provides specific and secure SAP test data management with intelligent sub-setting. IT can select and copy small, current and accurate data subsets into non-production environments, streamlining support and testing/QA efforts as well as development initiatives. Qlik Gold Client also can obfuscate data fields through scrambling or masking, thereby reducing security risk and enabling compliance.