SAP Test Environment

Introduction to SAP Test Environment

Firms depend on SAP systems to manage core business processes, but due to the complexity of SAP applications and the volume of data involved, managing and maintaining the SAP landscape can be difficult and cumbersome. By leveraging SAP data replication and SAP data management solutions, firms can overcome many of the challenges involved in SAP landscape management and reduce the amount of time, effort, and resources required to manage SAP data.

One major challenge faced by SAP users today is building and updating their SAP test environment. Ensuring that fresh, reliable, production-quality data is available for testing and training purposes is a time-consuming process when relying on conventional tools. With Qlik Gold Client®, enterprises can build and update their SAP test environment—for SAP HANA migration POCs and other usage scenarios—with agility and ease.

Building Your SAP Test Environment with Only the Data You Need

In order to carry out comprehensive testing of and effective training on SAP applications, companies must ensure that their SAP test environment contains relevant, up-to-date data. Instead of relying on conventional tools, which often replicate too much data resulting in resource over-consumption and project delays, firms can now use SAP-certified technology to create a SAP test environment with select subsets of data.

By replicating and moving into the SAP test environment only the data absolutely required, you can create and update test environments with relevant and fresh data faster—eliminating the delays and resource burden associated with full load replication. When testing or debugging a specific function—or for even wider scope projects—why waste time and IT resources on copying and migrating a full data set when you can select and replicate only the transactions you need?

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Build and Maintain Your SAP Test Environment Faster and with Greater Flexibility

With Qlik Gold Client solutions, you can easily select, copy, and move subsets of data or specific transactions to your SAP test environment or SAP data warehouse on HANA. Gold Client accelerates SAP testing and reduces infrastructure spending by allowing you to efficiently build and maintain smaller test environments containing only the data you need. Our solution lets you define and extract subsets of data according to your own criteria—minimizing the footprint of your SAP test environment—and provides you with tools to improve data quality, availability, and security.

Enhance the Value of Your SAP Data with Real-Time Data Integration

To further maximize the value of your SAP investments, Qlik offers our customers an innovative, high-performance SAP data integration solution, Qlik Replicate® for SAP. Leveraging SAP-certified technology and Qlik TurboStream CDC, our data integration solution makes it easy to replicate and migrate data from across your SAP landscape to your data warehouse or big data analytics platform, enabling real-time data integration and advanced SAP analytics on premises or in the cloud.

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