Introduction to SAP Analytics

As the amount and variety of data flowing into the enterprise increase, companies are looking for ways to enhance the value of this data and obtain new insights into their business and their customers. In order to capitalize on these increasing flows of data—from SAP business applications and from other sources including connected devices and mobile apps—forward-thinking firms are reassessing their current SAP analytics tools and turning to new analytics platforms to efficiently integrate and process their data.

Some SAP users are turning to Hadoop to consolidate and process large volumes of structured and unstructured data for advanced analytics, and SAP HANA -- an in-memory relational database and computing platform -- to facilitate high-speed, real-time SAP analytics. Some firms are leveraging the parallel processing capabilities of Hadoop to accelerate data transformation through ETL offload while others are actively diversifying their SAP analytics tools and analytics platforms to stay agile and competitive.

Integrating SAP and Other Types of Enterprise Data to Enable Powerful SAP Analytics

Qlik Replicate® for SAP is an innovative SAP data replication solution that opens up the SAP black box, allowing you to easily access and replicate SAP application data to any major relational database, SAP data warehouse (SAP IQ) or other type of data warehouse, cloud platform, or Hadoop. Replicate enables sophisticated SAP analytics by letting you bring together and load diverse data types into a wide range of platforms on premises or in the cloud.

Optimized for SAP data integration, our solution leverages SAP-certified technology to decode SAP's complex data structures, transforming them into easily accessible data models for your preferred SAP analytics platform. Replicate supports all core SAP business applications as well as industry-specific solutions and custom components and enables automated selection of SAP data in pool, clustered, custom, and indexed tables.

Using our innovative change data capture technology, Replicate can also identify changes in your SAP sources and update your targets with the changed data in real time -- facilitating real-time SAP analytics without significantly impacting the performance of your source systems. Our solution is easy to use, letting you configure, execute, and monitor replication tasks through our intuitive web-based management console. Simply click to replicate your selected data across your chosen sources and targets, and let Qlik enable a higher level of SAP analytics.

Moving SAP Data Where You Need It When You Need It with Qlik Gold Client

For companies hoping to leverage SAP HANA for SAP analytics purposes, our Gold Client solutions -- which simplify the processes of replicating and moving select data across the SAP landscape – can greatly streamline SAP HANA proofs of concept. Gold Client provides you with powerful and flexible methods to transform, copy, and synchronize data subsets across your SAP applications and data warehouses, letting you build your SAP test environment more efficiently and minimize the risks and costs of SAP HANA migration.

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