SAP Data Replication

Introduction to SAP Data Replication

Many of the world’s largest organizations run and analyze their operations on SAP systems. With the rise of new platforms and technologies enabling faster processing of data, advanced data analytics, and real-time data warehousing, forward-thinking firms are looking for ways to make SAP data available to the data lakes, data warehouses and other analytics platforms, on premises and in the cloud.

SAP data replication tools can help firms extract and consolidate data from their SAP applications and components and deliver that data to their preferred platforms. This will enable them to enhance the value of their SAP data, differentiate their approach to SAP analytics, and respond with agility and speed to new technologies and rapidly evolving market conditions and trends.

The Difficulty of SAP Data Replication: Moving Data Out of the SAP Black Box

Implementing SAP data replication often proves a challenge as SAP systems can be comprised of tens of thousands of tables with complex relationships as well as proprietary data formats that make data inaccessible outside of SAP applications. This structural complexity means that integrating data for analytics can be cumbersome, time-consuming and costly.

A SAP data replication tool makes it easier for SAP users to extract and integrate their SAP data with other types of data and to load the data they need into their SAP database, SAP data warehouse, Hadoop data lake, or other data repository on premises or in the cloud. With the right SAP data replication solution, you can easily and efficiently select, copy, and move the SAP data you need where and when you need it. SAP data integration becomes less costly and cumbersome. And with change data capture technology, real-time data integration and data warehousing are easily achievable—with minimal operational impact.

Moving the SAP Data your Business Demands and your User's Needs

Implement SAP Data Replication Easily and Enable Real-Time SAP Analytics

Qlik Replicate® for SAP is a high-performance, easy-to-use data replication tool that helps you overcome the complexities of SAP data replication. With support for all core SAP business applications, Qlik Replicate lets you replicate the documents, transactions, and data you require from any standard or industry-specific SAP component to your data warehouse, data lake, or operational data store or to cloud platforms including AWS and Microsoft Azure. Our SAP data replication solution leverages innovative, SAP-certified technology to decode complex data structures into easily accessible data models for your target systems, allowing you to quickly integrate SAP and other types of data and continuously update target systems using change data capture. You also can apply SAP text and descriptions to target table and column names in order to simplify user comprehension of analytics objects.

And with Qlik Gold Client® solutions, which let you select and move data subsets from your SAP applications to a SAP test environment, your teams can accelerate test data management and reduce the risks and costs associated with initiatives such as SAP HANA migrations.

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