Data Replication Tool

Intro to Data Replication Tool

For companies using multiple data platforms, working with a wide variety of data formats, or supporting a complex, evolving data architecture, a data replication tool can improve efficiency, speed and cost. Data replication tools simplify and accelerate the process of migrating and consolidating data from different internal and external sources—from a database or mainframe to a data warehouse or big data platform, for example. With the right data replication tool, you can rapidly move data from source to target without having to write ETL code, and unlock the value of your data through data integration in batch or real time.

The Power of a Data Replication Tool

Essentially, a data replication tool accelerates data migration and streamlines database upgrades while helping reduce or completely eliminate system downtime during data migrations. A data replication tool is useful for quickly and accurately consolidating information during mergers and acquisitions, or rapidly shift data and workloads to the cloud.

A data replication tool can be used to take a snapshot of a system to migrate data from a production database to a reporting database or an operational data store for analytics purposes, or to a different database for backup, testing, maintenance, or modernization. Depending on the solution, a data replication tool might also be used for mirroring and synchronization processes, or to carry out incremental replications in real-time. A real-time data replication tool can leverage change data capture (CDC) technology, accessing database transaction logs instead of using triggers or direct queries, to synchronize data while minimizing impact on the source system.

Real-time data replication software enables large-scale, real-time sharing of data among systems, multi-site workload distribution, real-time data warehousing and operational analytics, and integration with big data platforms.

Real-Time Database Streaming for Kafka

A Unique Data Ingestion and Data Replication Tool from Qlik

Qlik Replicate® is a unique data replication and data ingestion tool that automates the end-to-end replication process, eliminating the need for manual ETL coding or comprehensive database expertise. Featuring the broadest platform support in the industry, an intuitive browser-based GUI, and next-generation CDC technology, our database replication solution not only makes it simple and easy to move data across a wide range of databases, data warehouses, and big data analytics platforms, but also ingests and loads data quickly and efficiently—without producing unnecessary overhead on source or target systems.

Suitable for homogenous or heterogeneous data replication, Qlik Replicate supports both snapshot and incremental replication, including real-time transactional or batch-optimized replication for relational databases and message-encoded replication for streaming to Kafka message brokers. Designed for maximum flexibility and reliability, Qlik Replicate allows you to implement content-based filtering and configure your own mapping and transformations while offering seamless recovery if transfers are interrupted.

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