Real-Time Data Warehousing

Enable real-time data warehouse analytics with easy and efficient change data capture

  • Challenge

    Real-time analytics requires your data warehouse to have timely data available, based on a continuous and efficient data acquisition process. Implementing such a process with homegrown and some traditional ETL software can be complex, lengthy, costly and inefficient.

  • Solution

    Enable real-time data warehousing with Qlik Replicate®, providing change data capture (CDC) with optimized integration to all major data warehouse platforms. In addition, Qlik Compose® provides end-to-end data warehouse automation that automatically generates ETL code to help data architects more rapidly configure and manage data warehouses.

Real-time and low impact

Qlik Replicate enterprise-class change data capture (CDC) software provides:

  • Instant insights. CDC captures and delivers database changes to the data warehouse with near-zero latency.
  • Minimal impact. Log-based CDC reduces the impact on source systems. Our zero-footprint architecture eliminates the need for agents on source database systems.


Qlik Replicate provides:

  • Heterogeneous coverage. Supports many sources, including all major RDBMS, SAP and mainframe platforms.
  • High performance and low risk. Optimize popular data warehouse platforms, such as Amazon Redshift, Azure SQL DW, Snowflake, Google BigQuery and more.

Fast, simple, and scalable

Use Qlik Replicate’s intuitive, configurable GUI to quickly and easily set up data feeds with no manual coding.

Agile data warehouse automation

Qlik Compose is an innovative data warehouse automation (DWA) software platform that streamlines the management of the full data warehouse lifecycle to support real-time data warehousing. It dramatically reduces the time, costs, and risks of data warehousing projects.

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Dramatically reduce the time, cost, and risks of data warehousing projects. Qlik’s innovative data warehouse automation software streamlines the process of implementing, managing and updating data warehouses and data marts.

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