SAP HANA Migration

Introduction to SAP HANA Migration

SAP HANA is an innovative in-memory relational DBMS and computing platform designed to support the processing of data at high speeds, supporting both online transaction processing and real-time data analytics on the same platform. Forward-thinking firms are showing increased interest in leveraging SAP HANA technology to streamline their infrastructure and accelerate operations, analytics, and business intelligence gathering.

For SAP enterprises, however, the road to SAP HANA migration can be long and difficult due to their reliance on multiple SAP applications and instances, the large volumes of data involved, and the structural complexity of their existing SAP infrastructure. Fortunately, there is a tool that can help firms overcome some of the challenges of testing and planning for SAP HANA migration, enabling them to reduce the risks, complexity, and costs of migration and accelerate their journey to real-time SAP analytics.

Best Practices for Carrying Out a Successful SAP HANA Migration

Moving to a new technology always involves costs—for additional hardware, software, maintenance, and training. And one of the main challenges enterprises face in SAP HANA migration is ensuring that the costs of adopting, maintaining, and using the new technology don't outweigh the benefits. In order to facilitate a smooth transition, minimize expenditures required for SAP HANA migration, and maximize the value of your investment, here are a few best practices to keep in mind:

  • Try to reduce data volume and optimize your existing SAP landscape by eliminating unnecessary data objects from your SAP data warehouse.

  • Assemble cross-functional teams for your SAP HANA migration project and assess your technical and architectural readiness.

  • Find systems integrator or cloud provider partners that can help you leverage your existing hardware and infrastructure and/or cloud platforms.

  • Test intelligently and efficiently by identifying, copying, and refreshing only the data subsets you need to build an effective SAP test environment.

Enabling SAP Analytics

Reducing the Cost and Complexity of SAP HANA Migration with Qlik Gold Client®

Qlik Gold Client is a software suite that empowers SAP users to transform, copy, and synchronize data across their SAP landscape in an efficient and flexible manner. This is particularly valuable to assist SAP HANA migrations. Your teams can easily define and copy a relevant subset of your SAP data to SAP HANA for proof of concept evaluations. Simply select the data you need, and Gold Client facilitates quick, secure migration of your selected data to a SAP HANA test environment.

Once you've complete your SAP HANA migration, our universal data replication tool, Qlik Replicate®, can help you efficiently move external data into SAP HANA for additional analytics opportunities. As a versatile SAP data replication tool, Qlik Replicate can also help you implement SAP data integration from SAP sources to virtually any destination platform including Hadoop as well as cloud targets like Amazon Redshift.

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