SAP Data Warehouse

Introduction to SAP Data Warehouse

A SAP data warehouse is a centralized analytics repository for data from SAP sources. In the data warehouse, data from different SAP applications and components is extracted, consolidated, and made available in a unified form for reporting and analytics purposes. Firms may opt to build a single SAP data warehouse—providing a single source of truth for SAP analytics—multiple SAP data warehouses for different use cases, or a diversified data warehouse that integrates data from SAP and non-SAP sources.

A SAP data replication tool can make it easier for firms to move their data between SAP databases, into a SAP data warehouse, or into a diversified data warehouse or Hadoop data lake. With the right data replication software, moving SAP data where you need it when you need it is simpler and faster.

Approaches to Building a SAP Data Warehouse

For SAP users, there are three ways to build a SAP data warehouse:

  • Use SAP's Business Warehouse (BW) modeling and management application to build and run your SAP data warehouse based on traditional SAP RDBMS databases or on SAP HANA's in-memory database and application platform.

  • Leverage third-party, best-of-breed SAP data integration and data warehousing tools to extract and load data into the data warehousing or analytics platform of your choice.

  • Employ third-party data replication and ETL tools along with SAP BW to better integrate SAP and non-SAP data while leveraging BW's template-based approach to data warehousing.

Enabling SAP Analytics

Accelerating SAP Data Warehouse Tasks with Qlik Replicate®

Building on our decades of leadership and experience in enterprise data integration, Qlik has developed a powerful set of tools that can help you more easily access and move SAP data where you need it—simplifying data replication tasks and reducing time and resource costs associated with creating and operating an SAP data warehouse.

Qlik Replicate is a high-performance data replication solution offering optimized integration with your core SAP business applications. Replicate leverages SAP-certified technology to convert complex application-specific data structures into readily accessible data models across a variety of platforms—including all major relational databases, data warehouses, Hadoop, and leading cloud platforms—letting you choose the most suitable technology or platform for your SAP data warehouse. For example, users can load SAP data into Teradata, Amazon Redshift or other data warehouses, where SAP data can be analyzed on new processing platforms and correlated with non-SAP data. Our intuitive web-based console makes it easy to configure, execute, and monitor replication tasks across your sources and targets while our unique change data capture technology allows you to continuously update your SAP data warehouse and other targets in real time.

Resolving SAP Data Management Challenges with Qlik Gold Client®

Qlik Gold Client is a suite of SAP-certified solutions that enable you to replicate, move, delete, or mask data subsets across your SAP landscape. Gold Client provides powerful and flexible methods for transforming, copying, and synchronizing SAP data in order to build and refresh your SAP test environment more efficiently and develop and evaluate SAP HANA migration prototypes faster.

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