Data integration technologies are used to extract, transform, consolidate, and distribute diverse types of data to and from different applications and systems including databases and data warehouses. A data integration tool makes it easier for firms to access, copy, move, and synchronize datasets across their various data stores, enhancing information availability and data accessibility throughout the organization.

A flexible, high-performance data integration tool enables ETL developers and DBAs to collect and process data from diverse platforms more easily and provide business users with fresh, accurate data more quickly. With the right data integration tool, firms can streamline data preparation processes and boost developer productivity.

Simplifying and Accelerating Data Pipeline Building with a Data Integration Tool

The ideal data integration tool simplifies your data pipeline by automating replication processes and routine tasks, and eliminating the need for manual programming. To handle very large data sets, an effective data integration tool should also offer change data capture (CDC) capabilites so developers can rapidly and efficiently keep data fresh without requiring a complete data load. A versatile data integration tool should support both on-premises and cloud deployments so enterprises can better manage software costs, Data integration tools that offer a visual drag-and-drop interface make setting up, monitoring, and modifying data integration tasks easier, helping developers save time and build more efficient data flows.

A Robust and Versatile Data Integration Tool for the Enterprise

Building on over two decades of experience in enterprise data integration, Qlik (Attunity) has developed a simple, universal and real-time data integration platform that provides you with optimized connectivity to a broad range of enterprise data sources, next-generation change data capture technology, and high-performance loading into data warehouses, Hadoop data lakes, and other data repositories on-premises or in the cloud.

Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate) is a robust and versatile data integration tool that supports a variety of use cases including mainframe modernization, Oracle to Hadoop migration, and real-time data warehousing. Featuring our cloud-optimized WAN transfer engine and an agentless architecture, Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate) works seamlessly across hybrid computing environments and scales easily to ingest data from thousands of endpoints.

With Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate), there's no need to install software on your source or target systems, which avoids any impact on operational system performance. And our web-based graphical UI lets you quickly set up and manage your data feeds from the convenience of your web browser—without having to code or use a command line. Deploy easily and deliver insight faster with Qlik (Attunity).