Data Ingestion Framework

Introduction to Data Ingestion Framework

In today's fast-paced global market, forward-thinking firms leverage data-based insights to discover and take advantage of key business opportunities, to develop and market innovative products and services, and to maintain a competitive edge. As a result, these companies are collecting an increasing volume of data as well as new types of data such as sensor data. But in order to manage all of this data—and to quickly process and deliver relevant, accurate, up-to-date data for analysis and insight—enterprises need a data ingestion framework that can help them get data to the right systems and applications fast and cost-effectively.

Equipped with a flexible, reliable data ingestion framework and high-performance data replication tool, you can improve the accessibility of multi-sourced data across your organization, leverage new analytics tools including big data analytics platforms, and derive greater value and new insight from your data assets.

The Purpose of a Data Ingestion Framework

A data ingestion framework allows you to extract and load data from various data sources into data processing tools, data integration software, and/or data repositories such as data warehouses and data marts. A data ingestion framework makes it easier to collect and integrate data from different types of data sources and support different types of data transport protocols.

Although some enterprises choose to build their own data ingestion framework for their particular needs, some of today's data replication and data ingestion tools provide data ingestion frameworks that are more flexible, more scalable, and simpler to manage than custom solutions. Instead of spending a lot of time and resources on developing and managing your own data ingestion framework, why not leverage a complete, powerful, and affordable replication tool, and instead devote more time and resources to optimizing your data analytics workflows and providing new insights to your users?

Instead of Building Your Own Data Ingestion Framework, Leverage Qlik Replicate®

Qlik Replicate provides continuous and fast data ingestion from a wide variety of data sources including all major relational databases, mainframe systems, data warehouses, Hadoop distributions, and SAP applications. Engineered to accelerate time-to-insight by empowering you with a highly scalable, flexible data ingestion framework, next-generation change data capture technology, and in-memory transaction streaming, Qlik Replicate is a high-performance data replication and data ingestion platform for the data-driven enterprise.

Qlik Replicate supplies you with high-speed connectivity for extracting data from enterprise data sources and an intuitive, drag-and-drop UI that makes it easy to build and manage data pipelines. Whether you want to migrate data from SQL Server to Oracle environments or implement continuous Oracle database replication using our change data capture for Oracle technology, you can do it easily and cost-effectively with one versatile platform. Integrate data from new data sources without having to write your own scripts, and foster collaboration among your data architects, developers, and DBAs with Qlik Replicate economical, easy-to-use data ingestion framework.

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