Migrate Data from SQL Server to Oracle

What it Means, Why it Matters, Tools, and Best Practices.

Why Should you Migrate Data from SQL Server to Oracle?

Companies often migrate data from SQL Server to Oracle in order to take advantage of Oracle Database's reliability, deployment flexibility, and reduced cost of ownership. And time-strapped IT teams—under pressure to meet the demands of round-the-clock business—need fast, cost-effective ways to migrate data from SQL Server to Oracle without harming the integrity of their data or disrupting business users.

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IT organizations need an easy, affordable tool that enables them to extract and convert database objects from SQL Server databases into the appropriate format for Oracle, generate DDL statements to create a new database in Oracle based on the extracted database objects, and then migrate the transformed data into the new database.

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Tools Used to Migrate Data from SQL Server to Oracle

There are several ways firms can take on the challenging task of cross-database replication and migrate data from SQL Server to Oracle. One method involves custom coding – i.e., writing custom PL/SQL scripts to implement the migration. Because this is a time-consuming and error-prone process, however, many firms choose to employ data replication software, or database replication tools that allow them to overcome some of the complexities involved in converting data types and moving data between different types of databases.

Here are just a few of the tools commonly used to migrate data from SQL Server to Oracle:

  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS): A data integration platform built into SQL Server that includes a data warehousing tool typically used for ETL processes.

  • Oracle SQL Developer: An out-of-the-box integrated development environment from Oracle that can be used to capture and convert data from SQL Server into Oracle data format and generate DDL statements.

  • Oracle GoldenGate: Oracle's flagship data replication tool a faster and more robust alternative to SQL Developer, that can be employed to read and convert data from SQL Server to Oracle format and create Oracle database schema.

  • Qlik Replicate®: A universal data integration and data ingestion tool that is widely used for SQL Server replication, DB2 replication, Oracle database replication, and many other use cases.

Migrate Data from SQL Server to Oracle the Easy, Affordable Way with Qlik

Qlik Replicate offers the most simple, efficient and cost-effective method to migrate data from SQL Server to Oracle. A universal data integration and data ingestion tool that is widely used for SQL Server replication, DB2 replication, Oracle database replication, and many other use cases, Qlik Replicate makes it easy to quickly move data across your enterprise data sources, efficiently migrate or consolidate data from one or more systems to another, and facilitate zero-downtime database updates and migrations.

The intuitive Click-2-Replicate interface automates the steps required to build replication jobs, eliminating the need for manual scripting, master DBA skills, or consultants while our next-generation CDC technology enables continuous low-latency replication of data changes—without significantly impacting the performance of your source systems.

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