Executive Dashboard Examples

An executive dashboard provides business leaders with real-time views of their organization's mission critical executive KPIs so they can make the quick, agile, data-driven decisions that drive productivity, grow revenue, and reduce risk.

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What is An Executive Dashboard?

Modern executive dashboards display cross-department performance data in one location, allowing executives to explore data freely or dig deeper for insights into specific areas of their business. The IDC forecasts a 10X increase in worldwide data by 2025, making it more important than ever that executives understand how to use data analytics to gain business advantage. With an executive dashboard, the power of data is made immediately clear to senior managers, which often acts as a catalyst for greater data adoption throughout the organization.

Executive Dashboard Examples by Role

Explore executive dashboard examples based on key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to specific C-suite roles.

CEO Executive Dashboard

For the modern CEO, an executive dashboard is essential to success. With all critical performance metrics presented in one place, Chief Executive Officers are able to review and analyze data that's essential to the success of their business in real time. CEOs can use an executive dashboard that combines relevant data sources from across the organization to gain a unified view — or dive into specific data sets from any line business — to unearth insights previously hidden in data silos and lead with confidence.

COO Executive Dashboard

An executive dashboard helps Chief Operations Officers visualize and explore relationships between complex data sources so they can better manage revenue and profitability while mitigating risk. COO dashboards can help execs manage and measure end-to-end processes to reveal where rapid intervention and improvement is needed. For example, a sales and operations dashboard (S&OP) that incorporates financial data can help COOs gauge forecasted vs actual sales by product, category and region, gleaning insights to guide integrated business planning processes.

CMO Executive Dashboard

Chief Marketing Officers and their teams need to optimize across every stage of the customer lifecycle. An executive dashboard allows CMOs to effectively measure marketing ROI, drive proactive changes and respond to market conditions as they happen. They gain a real-time view of KPIs across the marketing funnel, hone in on specific strategic marketing initiatives to spot opportunities or issues, and confidently make decisions and share insights with stakeholders from across their organization.

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CFO Executive Dashboard

Chief Financial Officers must have an effective tool for analyzing the massive amounts of transactional data that exist in disparate systems. An executive dashboard for CFOs provides exceptional high-level summaries and insights into finance and accounting departments. They can drill into expense, cost center, and procurement data to discover the real cost of doing business, compare expenses by division, assess details of each cost center, or discover new ways to increase profitability.

CIO and CTO Executive Dashboard

An executive dashboard can help CIOs and CTOs improve budget and forecasting to better manage lifecycle costs of IT or technology assets. This makes it far easier to quickly visualize high-level departmental performance, or drill into specific data around development costs and efficiency, employee utilization, and more. They can also discover underutilized systems and applications, improve scalability, and identify technology needs to support emerging business opportunities.

Key Benefits of an Executive Dashboard

Leadership teams work hard to prioritize the noise of information that demands their time and resources. From the board to the executive team to employees, executives are under constant pressure to please a variety of different stakeholders. Interactive executive dashboards integrate many disparate data sources, making it easy to monitor performance across the business, or drill down into granular data sets to inform almost any action they need to take. And modern cloud analytics lets all users create, explore and collaborate using any device. When business leaders can leverage all their data, decision-making is improved, and their competitive edge is sharpened.

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