Pub Sub Messaging

Introduction to Pub Sub Messaging

Publish/subscribe messaging, or pub sub messaging, is a form of asynchronous service-to-service communication that powers serverless and micro-services architecture. The pub sub messaging model can be used to decouple applications to increase performance, and to enable real-time data streaming in event-driven architectures.

Pub sub messaging is the central technology in a number of streaming services, including Azure Event Hub, Amazon Kinesis, Apache Kafka, Google Cloud Pub/Sub and others. Providing high-scale, low-latency platforms for ingesting and processing live data streams, these pub sub messaging systems support Big Data analytics projects that help organizations to process vast amounts of data from highly disparate sources. Pub sub messaging enables organizations to integrate data from mobile and web applications, social networks, manufacturing instrumentation, financial trading floors, IoT sensors, e-commerce transactions and more. By helping to aggregate these data streams for analytics, pub sub messaging platforms can help organizations improve performance, optimize operations, improve customer service and increase overall competitiveness.

The challenge of integrating data from pub sub messaging platforms

While pub sub messaging technology provides enormous benefits for organizations, it can also easily overwhelm IT teams. Real-time data ingestion can have a negative impact on source systems, causing unacceptable delays, hindering productivity and frustrating users. Pub sub messaging platforms may also require a lot of custom coding for integrating data from diverse sources, which can quickly cause bottlenecks and drain resources when scaling to include hundreds or thousands of source databases.

Qlik Replicate® provides an answer. By automating and simplifying real-time, universal data ingestion and integration across all pub sub messaging platforms – as well as data lakes, databases, data warehouses and mainframe systems – Qlik Replicate enables organizations to get more value from their pub sub messaging technology, whether it’s Google pub sub vs. Kinesis or Apache Kafka vs. Confluent.

Streaming Change Data Capture

Learn how to modernize your data and analytics environment with scalable, efficient and real-time data replication that does not impact production systems.

Minimal impact, streamlined management and easy scalability for pub sub messaging systems

Qlik Replicate enables organizations working with pub sub messaging platforms to deliver more data more easily, delivering analytics-ready information while reducing cost and effort. With Qlik Replicate, organizations can:

  • Easily publish events to all major streaming services, separating data and metadata by Kafka topic, for example, to integrate metadata more easily with schema registries.

  • Eliminate the need for manual coding using an intuitive and configurable graphical user interface that lets administrators quickly and easily set up data feeds.

  • Minimize impact on production sources with log-based change data capture technology and zero-footprint architecture.

  • Scale effortlessly to include hundreds or thousands of databases sources.

Qlik’s Data Integration Platform provides solutions for streamlining and improving Sybase SAP data, managing real-time data warehousing, enabling cloud analytics and managing data ingestion for Hadoop.

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