Introduction to Sybase SAP

Sybase SAP databases are an integral part of SAP environments for many large organizations. Sybase SAP applications often contain data that is critical to business operations and that can deliver significant business insight when made available for analytics.

But efficiently moving data from Sybase SAP databases to a variety of analytics platforms can tax even the most experienced IT teams. The underlying data model and complex data structures of Sybase SAP databases make extracting information time-consuming and expensive, draining resources from IT departments and frustrating users with disruptive replication tasks.

Easily move data from Sybase SAP applications with Qlik Replicate®

Using Qlik Replicate for SAP provides simple and automated tools for data replication from Sybase SAP databases. Qlik Replicate moves Sybase SAP application data securely and easily to any major platform, including streaming, data lake and/or cloud architectures. By helping users to take complex data models with thousands of Sybase SAP tables and transform them into a data replication task at the business or transaction level, using Qlik Replicate for SAP enables organizations to support analytics projects that can improve operations, opportunities and enable the organization to compete more effectively.

Qlik Replicate provides:

  • Heterogeneous support for a broad range of sources and targets, enabling organizations to take full advantage of their Sybase SAP data.

  • Simple data access, making it easy to translate complex Sybase SAP formats and to export SAP data.

  • Real-time integration, using Change Data Capture (CDC) technology to continuously update targets for real-time insight.

  • Secure, high-speed cloud data transfer with encrypted multi-pathing.

Enhance the Value of SAP Data with Real-time Data Integration for Analytics

Benefits for moving Sybase SAP data.

Using Qlik Replicate for SAP to work with Sybase SAP data, organizations can:

  • Move Sybase SAP data easily and securely to analytics platforms.

  • Maximize throughput and minimize latency with CDC technology that far surpasses the ability of a traditional SAP ETL tool.

  • Accelerate data migration with technology that compresses, encrypts and transfers Sybase SAP data in parallel streams into, across and out of cloud architectures, Including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

  • Eliminate downtime by reducing impact on source production systems.

  • Simplify administration of replication tasks with an intuitive web-based console that allows administrators to quickly and easily configure, control and monitor replication across all sources and targets.

In addition to software for working with Sybase SAP data, Qlik provides other solutions that help to ensure SAP GDPR compliance, accelerate SAP HANA integration, and simplify SAP test data management. Qlik also offers technology to accelerate data ingestion into Hadoop and publish and subscribe messaging platforms.

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