Introduction to SAP ETL Tool

SAP applications and databases like Sybase are essential to business operations for many of the world’s largest companies, and the right SAP ETL tool can help to make valuable SAP data available for analytics and business insight. Applications like CRM, ECC, HR and Finance capture large amounts of critical data and objects within SAP systems. But moving that data into analytics platforms can be time-consuming, cumbersome and costly, due to the underlying data model and complex data structures.

Traditional extract, transform and load (ETL) solutions rarely work well in an SAP environment. To move data from SAP applications and implementations, most ETL solutions require complex manual coding and procedures that disrupt production sources, tie up development resources and hinder the productivity of users throughout the organization.

Qlik Replicate® for SAP: an alternative to SAP ETL tools

Qlik Replicate for SAP is an automated and easy-to-use data replication solution that delivers high performance as an SAP ETL tool. Replicate for SAP moves the right SAP data easily, securely and at scale to any major database, data warehouse or Hadoop, in the cloud or on premises.

As an SAP ETL tool, Qlik Replicate for SAP converts the complex data structure of SAP into an easily accessible data model. Users can quickly and easily turn a typically complex SAP data model involving thousands of tables into a data replication task at the business or transaction level. To prepare data for analytics, Qlik’s SAP ELT solution provides a unified means for replicating SAP business data, documents and transactions to a highly diverse collection of analytics environments.

Enhance the Value of SAP Data with Real-time Data Integration for Analytics

An SAP ELT tool with broad heterogeneous support

Qlik’s SAP ELT tool leverages support for the industry’s widest range of targets, enabling greater insight by easily integrating structured SAP data with unstructured data from a broad variety of sources into Hadoop and cloud platforms.

As an SAP ELT tool, Qlik Replicate for SAP also provides:

  • Real-time integration. Qlik Replicate for SAP takes advantage of log-based change data capture (CDC) technology to continuously update targets for real-time insight.

  • Ease-of-use. An intuitive, web-based console enables administrators to quickly and easily configure, control and monitor replication tasks across a wide variety of sources and targets.

  • Minimal impact. Qlik Replicate for SAP provides an SAP ELT tool that requires zero downtime and no additional hardware or agents to be installed on the SAP source.

  • High-speed cloud data transfer. Qlik’s SAP ELT tool compresses, encrypts and transfers data in parallel streams to accelerate migration and movement of data into, across and out of cloud architectures.

In addition to an SAP ELT tool, Qlik provides solutions to ensure SAP GDPR compliance, simplify SAP HANA integration, and improve SAP test data management. Additional Qlik solutions include software for data ingestion in data lakes and publish and subscribe messaging platforms, as well as real-time data warehousing, enterprise data replication, cloud analytics and cloud data migration.

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