ETL Solution

Businesses leverage data warehouses to consolidate data from multiple sources including database systems, enterprise applications, and connected devices. Enterprises use an ETL solution or ETL tool to write the code necessary for preparing and loading data into the data warehouse, where it can support reporting and analytics.

Because ETL integration processes—extracting, transforming, and loading multi-sourced data into a centralized data repository—represent the biggest bottleneck in business intelligence projects, an automated ETL solution that accelerates and improves the consistency and quality of ETL workflows helps businesses save time and money while delivering accurate, actionable, up-to-date information to business users faster.

The Benefits of Employing an ETL Solution

A critical component of business intelligence projects, ETL refers to the processes of:

  • Extracting data from multiple homogenous or heterogeneous data sources
  • Transforming and optimizing this data to be used for reporting and analytics by other systems
  • Loading data to a target database, BI platform, operational data store, data warehouse, data mart, or Hadoop cluster

An ETL solution enables developers to design, execute, monitor, and manage the processes necessary for integrating data across different applications and systems. Depending on the platform you use, an ETL solution may also offer built-in connectors optimized for various source and target systems, team-based development capabilities, metadata management and data lineage documentation support, and advanced data profiling software.

More than an ETL Solution: Qlik Compose (formerly Attunity Compose) for Agile Data Warehousing

Incorporating real-time data integration, ETL automation, and model-driven data warehouse generation capabilities, Qlik (Attunity) Compose is a comprehensive data warehouse automation platform that goes beyond the typical ETL solution. Purpose-built for data architects, our solution not only eliminates the need for manual coding and streamlines ETL development but also automates time-consuming, repetitive tasks throughout the data warehousing lifecycle—from design and development to operations and maintenance.

With Compose, your teams can implement BI ETL and data warehouse building and management processes faster and with greater agility, letting you respond rapidly to changing business conditions and analytics needs.

By integrating seamlessly with Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate), our high-performance data replication and loading solution, our platform provides support for the widest ecosystem of heterogeneous sources, real-time ETL through loading of source data using change data capture technology, and ETL offload to Hadoop and cloud targets.

Knowledge Brief

Modernize Your Legacy ETL Technology and Accelerate Data Warehousing