Google Pub Sub vs. Kinesis

Introduction to Google Pub Sub vs. Kinesis

Many organizations choosing a data ingestion platform are curious about the benefits of Google Pub Sub vs. Kinesis (Google Cloud Pub/Sub vs. Amazon Kinesis). While both can be used to ingest data into cloud environments, they provide different service models for accomplishing this objective.

The first point of evaluation when considering Google Pub Sub vs. Kinesis is the ingestion model. Amazon Kinesis uses a streaming model, while its Google counterpart uses a publish and subscribe messaging model. Amazon Kinesis requires a certain amount of provisioning of “shards”, which must be scaled up when organizations need to increase bandwidth and throughput. The Google Pub Sub messaging approach, on the other hand, eliminates the need for provisioning.

When evaluating Google Pub Sub vs. Kinesis for administrative burden, Kinesis requires users to manually monitor usage and scale as needed, while Cloud Pub/Sub administrators need not monitor or scale anything manually.

When it comes to costs for Google Pub Sub vs. Kinesis, these two models provide additional distinctions. Cloud Pub/Sub is priced by data volume and users pay only for the resources they consume, while Amazon Kinesis is priced by shard hour, data volume and data retention period, and users pay for the resources they provision even if they are unused. Consequently, when comparing Google Pub Sub vs. Kinesis for costs, the Google platform tends to be less expensive.

Streaming Change Data Capture

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Google Pub Sub vs. Kinesis: the difficulty of real-time data ingestion

While both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages when comparing Google Pub Sub vs. Kinesis, both models provide challenges for IT teams when managing real-time data ingestion. Real-time streaming data is critical to Big Data analytics and data lake initiatives, but both Google Pub Sub and Amazon Kinesis can cause performance in source systems to degrade when ingesting real-time data feeds. These platforms also require a good bit of custom development, which can easily create excessive burden for IT teams when the number of sources reaches into the hundreds or thousands.

Google Pub Sub vs. Kinesis: accelerating data ingestion with Qlik Replicate®

Qlik Replicate is a universal data replication platform that automates and accelerates data ingestion across all major streaming services, including Google Cloud Pub/Sub, Amazon Kinesis, Apache Kafka, Confluent, Azure Event Hub and MapR-ES. Attunity Replicate enables organizations to:

  • Publish events easily to all major streaming services, separating data and metadata by topic (or Kafka topic) to integrate metadata more easily with various schema registries.

  • Reduce the impact on source systems through log-based Change Data Capture (CDC) technology and a unique zero-footprint architecture.

  • Minimize administrative burden by providing an intuitive and configurable graphical user interface that lets administrators set up data feeds with no manual coding.

  • Scale easily to ingest data from hundreds and thousands of databases.

  • Provide support for a wide variety of sources, including all major RDBMS, data warehouses and mainframe systems.

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