Data Ingestion

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What is Data Ingestion

Data ingestion is a critical success factor for analytics and business intelligence. The more quickly and completely an organization can ingest data into an analytics environment from heterogeneous production systems, the more powerful and timely the analytics insights can be. Too often though, data ingestion processes evolve into a complex constellation of narrow-purpose scripts and tools that, taken as a whole, are hard to maintain and even harder to update.

Data Warehouse Automation

Any-to-Any Data Ingestion in Bulk, Batch, or Real Time

Qlik is the data replication and data ingestion technology of choice for many enterprises in a wide range of data-driven industries.The flagship product Qlik Replicate delivers seamless data movement between:

  • Nearly any type of source system including relational databases, mainframes, data warehouses and Hadoop Data Lakes
  • A wide array of targets including databases, data warehouses, Hadoop clusters, and Kafka streams, on premises and in the cloud

The answer to "what is data replication?" in today's IT environment must include the ability to copy data from on-premises systems to the cloud. Qlik Replicate efficiently and securely transfers on-premises data to the cloud, and copies and moves data across cloud services (for example, from Amazon RDS into Amazon Redshift).

Qlik Replicate supports a variety of data ingestion modes including batch replication and real-time data ingestion. Unlike some real-time agent-based technologies that strain the compute and memory resources on the source systems, Qlik log-based change data capture (CDC) technology delivers continuous data updates to your target platforms without degrading the performance of production databases.

Data Ingestion That's Easy and Agile

As a data ingestion solution, Qlik Replicate stands out for its:

  • Ease of use and agility. Qlik Replicate empowers data scientists to create and run data warehouse ingestion and Hadoop data ingestion jobs through a simple GUI with no need for manual coding or scripting. By enabling data ingestion and reducing reliance on over-burdened development staff, Qlik Replicate allows for faster time-to-value for analytics initiatives and greater agility in meeting business requirements.
  • Versatility and cost-effectiveness. Qlik Replicate serves as a single unified data ingestion platform for moving data from nearly any source to nearly any destination system, on-premises in the cloud. This modern approach to data integration is simpler and less costly to use, maintain, monitor, and update than the alternative approach of having — for example — a separate database replication tool, data warehouse ingestion tool, Hadoop data ingestion tool, and cloud data transfer tool.

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