Oracle Exadata

Oracle Exadata is a database appliance that is designed to deliver better performance, availability and cost-effectiveness for Oracle databases and data warehouses. By enabling superior business analytics, Oracle Exadata can help organizations to optimize processes, improve operations, enhance customer service and take advantage of new business opportunities.

But capitalizing on the value of Oracle Exadata requires IT teams to efficiently move data from Exadata databases into a wide variety of analytics platforms, and traditional ETL tools are no match for the complexity and volume of data in a typical Oracle Exadata data warehouse implementation.

Qlik Replicate® can help by accelerating data replication, ingestion and streaming across a wide range of heterogeneous databases, data warehouses and Big Data platforms. With Qlik, IT teams can move data from Exadata databases and data warehouses easily, securely and efficiently – with minimal impact on operations.

Managing Oracle Exadata integrations with Qlik Replicate

Qlik Replicate makes it easy to replicate, synchronize, distribute, consolidate and ingest data across all data warehouses, including Oracle Exadata, as well as all major databases and Hadoop. An intuitive, web-based graphical user interface enables administrators to quickly and easily set up replication tasks without requiring manual coding. Qlik Replicate accelerates data integration for Oracle Exadata by automatically generating target schemas based on source metadata, by efficiently processing big data loads with parallel threading, and by using Change Data Capture (CDC) processes to maintain real-time analytics with less overhead.

Qlik Replicate optimizes Oracle Exadata integration by providing:

  • Instant insight, thanks to CDC technology that delivers database changes to the data warehouse with near-zero latency.
  • Minimal impact, due to log-based CDC and zero-footprint architecture that avoids the need for agents on source systems.
  • Broad coverage, with support for many sources, including all mainframe systems and major RDBMS like Google Cloud SQL.
  • Certified integration for Oracle Exadata and all data warehouse platforms, including Teradata, IBM Pure Data for Analytics, Pivotal Greenplum, Amazon Redshift, and many others.

Qlik Replicate also serves as an ideal SQL ETL tool and provides support for JSON data integration, NoSQL data integration and integration with a broad range of sources and targets.

Data warehouse automation and workload analytics for Oracle Exadata

In addition to real-time warehousing for Oracle Exadata, Qlik's Data Integration Platform provides Data warehouse automation, helping to automate and optimize everything warehouse design to ETL code generation, application of updates and use of best practices and managing Data Lake creation.