Introduction to NiFi

Apache NiFi is a software solution that automates the flow of data between systems. Where many and data systems are based on traditional streaming or on a unidirectional data flow, NiFi enables bidirectional and point-to-point communication to optimize information exchange, improve cloud analytics and support emerging use cases that require more flexibility in data flow.

NiFi provides several critical capabilities that can help to solve complex issues of ETL, especially when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT). NiFi is highly configurable, and flow can be modified at run-time, enabling organizations to make immediate changes to tighten the feedback loop. NiFi also provides data provenance capabilities that enable data flow to be tracked from end to end. And NiFi is designed for easy extension, enabling faster development and more effective testing.

NiFi provides a drag-and-drop user interface that allows data administrators to quickly build out data flow, and to simplify operations with real-time control and monitoring. NiFi is designed to be a Big Data analytics tool, working with structured, unstructured or semi-structured data of any size and format, with or without a schema.

Optimizing NiFi with Qlik Replicate®

NiFi is clearly a powerful technology for processing and distributing data, but it’s even more effective when used with Qlik Replicate. While NiFi offers no capabilities for data replication, Qlik Replicate is a universal data replication and data ingestion solution that enables IT teams to move data easily, securely and efficiently while minimizing impact on operations and source systems.

Qlik Replicate accelerates data replication, ingestion and streaming across a wide range of heterogeneous databases, data warehouses and Big Data platforms. When working with NiFi, IT teams may struggle with managing data ingestion tasks for hundreds or thousands of data sources. Qlik Replicate automates these tasks and eliminates the need for manual coding and individual agents, preventing developers from getting tied up with error-prone and repetitive tasks. An intuitive graphical user interface enables administrators to set up ingestion tasks quickly and easily, managing an upload to the cloud or to an on-premise data store from a single pane of glass.

Real-Time Data Pipeline Automation for Databricks

Benefits of Qlik Replicate with NiFi

When using Qlik Replicate in conjunction with NiFi, organizations can:

  • Simplify massive ingestion from thousands of sources.

  • Minimize impact on source systems with log-based Change Data Capture (CDC) technology and zero-architecture footprint.

  • Efficiently process big data loads with parallel threading.

  • Scale easily as needed to keep a data pipeline full of analytics-ready data.

  • Publish events easily to all major streaming services, including Kafka, Confluent, Amazon Kinesis, Azure Event Hub and more.

Qlik’s Data Integration Platform supports the industry’s broadest range of sources and targets, including Hadoop data lakes and Azure Data Lake Store. And in addition to Apache NiFi, Qlik Replicate works seamlessly with other Big Data technologies such as Microsoft HD InsightApache Sqoop and others.

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