Upload to the Cloud

Many enterprises are looking to the cloud to improve Big Data Analytics and lower IT overheads but managing data ingestion in an upload to the cloud can be costly and time-consuming for IT teams that lack appropriate tools. Many migrations require custom coding that can tie up programmers with error-prone, repetitive and manual tasks. An upload to the cloud can also introduce unacceptable latency to source systems, slowing projects and frustrating users. To keep the data pipeline flowing with data that’s ready for cloud analytics, IT teams need a superior solution for data ingestion and integration.

Qlik Replicate® can help. As a software solution that provides universal data replication and data ingestion, Qlik Replicate simplifies and accelerates data migration from a wide range of heterogeneous sources to a broad variety of sources. Trusted by hundreds of enterprises worldwide, Qlik Replicate provides a fast and easy way to manage an upload to the cloud and keep data up to date with Change Data Capture (CDC) technology.

Accelerate Upload to the Cloud with Qlik Replicate

Qlik Replicate is the flagship offering of Qlik’s Data Integration Platform. With Qlik Replicate, organizations can efficiently deliver more data to diverse data lakes, streaming and cloud architectures to enable analytics for Big Data.

To enable an easier upload to the cloud, Qlik Replicate provides:

  • An intuitive and configurable graphical user interface that lets administrators set up and upload to the cloud quickly and easily with no manual coding.
  • Automated processes from end-to-end, including bulk and real-time CDC replication, target schema creation and Data Definition Language (DDL) updates.
  • Centralized control of replication tasks across hundreds or thousands of endpoints, enabling administrators to manage and monitor progress through a single pane of glass to minimize administrative burden.
  • Minimal impact on source databases, thanks to log-based CDC technology and zero-footprint architecture that reduces or eliminates downtime.
  • AES 256 encryption to ensure security, and check mechanisms to ensure data integrity.
  • Efficient data transfer, by compressing and splitting large tables into multiple, configurable streams and batching small tables and CDC streams together.

An Upload to the Cloud from Many Sources to Multiple Targets

Qlik Replicate supports upload to the cloud for the industry’s broadest range of sources and targets, enabling organizations to load, ingest, migrate, distribute, consolidate and synchronize data across cloud or hybrid environments as well as on-premises systems. As a tool for Big Data, Qlik Replicate enables upload to the cloud for Hadoop distributions like Hortonworks, Cloudera and MapR, as well as streaming platforms like Apache Kafka and Confluent. Qlik Replicate also integrates easily with other Big Data solutions like Apache NiFi and Microsoft Azure HDInsight.


Streaming Change Data Capture