Query Offload and Live Reporting

Scale real-time BI and data analytics reporting with zero production impact.

Introduction to Query Offload and Live Reporting


Enterprises can optimize operations and capitalize on business opportunities by using fresh data from production applications for real-time reporting and analytics. To protect production application SLAs, data availability, and cost, you must efficiently copy live replicas to separate bi reporting and analytics databases. Enabling real-time access to data while reducing impact on source systems can be complex and costly to achieve.But complex development efforts, performance issues and security risks can delay migrations and increase their costs. Enterprises need a simpler, faster, and safer path to accelerate data migration and realize the benefits of the cloud. 


Qlik can help with its database replication software. Qlik Replicate® easily and efficiently creates live replicas for reporting or analytics databases. Our enterprise class change data capture (CDC) technology eliminates interference with mission-critical operations, while improving the efficiency and scale of analytics initiatives.

Automated and Easy to Use

Fast Implementation. Users leverage an intuitive and configurable GUI to quickly and easily set up data replication with no manual coding.

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Real-time and Low Impact

  • Fresh Data for BI and Analytics: Replicate data continuously with Qlik’s log-based CDC technology.

  • Reduced Impact on Production Systems: Offload BI workloads and minimize impact on the source database with proven log-based CDC technology.


With Qlik Replicate, it’s possible to offload queries from many databases including Oracle, DB2, and mainframe to similar or other databases.

Supported Databases

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Enterprise Data Replication

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